Montrose Blvd. Burger King Now Completely Ground Up Ahead of Coming Shake Shack Shakeup

In other abandoned Montrose restaurant news: crews have finished smashing up the Burger King on Westheimer a block west of Montrose Blvd., leaving the property in fast food limbo ahead of its planned takeover by Houston’s fourth Shake Shack location. Pictured above is the restaurant’s drive-thru lane minus the accompanying drive-thru infrastructure.

A Cherry Demolition excavator is still picking through scraps left behind from the teardown; they’re now spread out atop the former building’s foundation, visible below:


A view from the north, back where the restaurant’s property abuts that of next-door coffee shop Blacksmith:

Photos: Swamplox inbox


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  • Is there such a thing as Shake Shack litter? Maybe because they don’t dominate the street corners like McDonald’s, Burger King, Whataburger, Taco Cababana, Taco Bell, etc. etc.

  • This is such a crap location. Parking sucks and why would they want to compete with the burger joint?

  • Really, Bob? Really? There was tons of parking out behind the Burger King building which appears to be intact at this time …. much more so than the Burger “Joint”. Methinks you are a bias

  • I’ve heard these places are wildly popular.

  • bob doesnt realize that not everyone who lives in montrose is a slave to their cars!

  • Shake Shack doesn’t do drive-thrus, which will free up a lot of space. They’ll probably build as close to the street as possible and make the back a large lot, and if they need more parking I wouldn’t think that valet service would be out of the question. They will need to do something about the homeless loitering around the area. Not disputing their right to be out there, but it’s not going to mesh well with their upscale image.

  • Valet parking for a burger joint? How much does Shake Shack charge for their food? Their website doesn’t list prices, just calorie counts.

  • Long overdue. The building was a nothing burger design. Though I liked the river stone retaining wall. Waiting with baited breath for the boring re-design. Cause you know those commercial bankers who make loans ae big supporters of different /unusual/ out of the box architecture /design.

  • @ GoogleMaster
    I’ve been to the Shake Shack at The Domain in Austin. A friend and I had the standard (not fancy) hamburgers, one onion rings, one fries, a soft drink and a milkshake. The tab was a little north of $25 IIRC.

    The food is standard diner fare, made from quality ingredients. They pay their employees a living wage, and have family-friendly amusements on the patio. Draws a dressy-casual crowd. I seriously doubt that valet parking will be offered or needed.