Montrose Cathedral Dome Getting Its Start on the Ground, but It’ll Rise Someday

Now sitting near the corner of Yoakum Blvd. and Kipling St. in place of the electronic sign for Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral: framework forming the new dome that will soon be mounted atop the structure’s sanctuary. The steel half-orb, meant to cap off a $12.5 million cathedral renovation and expansion project, has been under construction streetside since at least last week, as these pics submitted by Swamplot readers show:


The renovation will expand the building and nearly double its seating capacity. Aerial views of the reconstruction posted on the church’s website show the frame built around the existing sanctuary, where the dome will dock:

The sanctuary is being widened both towards and away from Kipling St. Both the main dome and a smaller one on top of the bell tower will be painted gold when complete.

On the inside, the dome’s main tenant will occupy the center of the space. Here’s a rendering of the future interior, looking up from the sanctuary’s balcony:

Images: Swamplot inbox (first and sixth); Txcon (third, fourth, and sixth); Annunciation Orthodox Church (aerials and renderings)

Annunciation Orthodox

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  • Sounds scary. Orthodoxy. Nice structure though. Love Amazon’s domes!

  • The architecture has nicely moved from a more Latin to a more Greek design, in harmony with Orthodox tradition, but the rows of pews and apparent carpet still feels very Western. Pretty sure most Orthodox stand for the Liturgy. I guess you don’t want to ruffle parishioners’ habits too much, though.

  • Where’s Commonsense with an Atheistic comment when you need one ???

  • So the COH lets AOC & the UST buy OUR streets and make them private. But if my old Neighborhood(Rivercrest) tried the same thing, we had to “COMPROMISE” ? More doo doo from the COH!! I bet the self appointed overlords aka our tax sucking politicians will never allow anything like than in THEIR nighborhoods- calling out the democraps : Bill White, Bob Lanier , Anise Parker, Sylvester Turner, et al , and a passel the republithugs also !!! They’re ALL hypocrite BUTT HOLES dumping more of their caca on us , the tax paying VOTERS!!! If & when the Zimmermans who own LaColombe d’Or & Hines Ltd build the planned 30 story LUXURY high rise behind LaColombe d’Or ( facing Yoakum Blvd) the on street parking situation will vanish. And the south & west facing renters in the Hanover 3400 Montrose Tower will get lovely visuals from their neighbors !!! Lovely …