Montrose H-E-B: Under Construction

The steel frame of the new Montrose H-E-B is going up along West Alabama St. at Dunlavy, Candace Garcia’s latest photos show. The new supermarket on the site of the former Wilshire Village apartments is scheduled to open this fall.


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • It’s a shame you can’t see the construction from the street. The fence is covered like they have something to hide. I’m still having problems visualizing the store on that lot, and I sure hope they improve Dunlavy to handle the traffic.

  • The fence covering is to keep construction junk from getting scattered into the street.

  • Does anyone know what H-E-B is planning to do with Shepherd Plaza Center at Richmond and Shepherd (about)? My sources tell me they are up to something, but what? What are they doing to the ‘hood next?

  • Kim-
    HEB has owned Shepherd Plaza for several years now and I always thought they would put a grocery store there. It would seem to be a much better location. Shepherd Plaza needs something. I think all of the buildings facing Richmond are vacant. Freebirds, Stags Head and Amy’s Ice Cream seem to be thriving and I like Cactus Records being there. Tuesday Morning seems out of place. I don’t know how some of the other businesses stay open.

  • Does anyone know what road improvements are planned and when those will start?

  • Mary had a little lamb…

    bye bye

  • Adios Fiesta. It’s a fine store but I think it’s highly unlikely it will be able to compete with an outfit like HEB. We plan on featuring a post on grocery stores as Houston residential anchor tenants later today on .

  • I hate to ask a question like this, as I’m sure it has been answered before, but is there going to be an intrance from West Alabama? Or is the back of the store just going to be right on the street?

  • Based on the information/renderings they’ve shown there will be no entrance off of Alabama. Even the loading dock will face (I believe) westward toward a newly built street.

  • Fiesta has tons of loyal customers. FYI a good shopper makes use of all resources to get their needs met so all stores are utilized. IE- Some sell recycled toilet paper for 5.00. Others sell you Charmin for 1.99. Lastly people who actually cook their food will continue to shop at fiesta rather than feeding from the trough at 7.99 a pound.

  • I am insanely jealous. I wish they would put an HEB out in the Willowbend/Willow Meadows area.

  • @Red: I had heard a rumor that Randalls @ Meyer Park had lost its lease & that HEB was going to take over-still waiting for any news on that rumor. I know that Kroger’s is slated to be updated like the store off Main.

  • here’s hoping us cheapskates can keep Fiesta going. definitely give them all my business on meats and produce but they get hurt by me in that they don’t have a store brand to compete with the majors and can’t always match the loss-leading sale items krogers and HEB can throw out there.

    regardless, fiesta will always be the place to go if you need to get in and out quickly so hopefully that will suffice along with their grocery basket renter crowd that may not care for HEB.

  • good thing they are working around those trees

  • I’ve been shopping at that Fiesta for years. It’s a useful store in the neighborhood, but the dirty little secret is that they don’t have the best prices around on a lot of stuff. I’m afraid that HEB is going to eat their lunch on just about every grocery store measure. About the only thing that will save them is if HEB turns this one into something like that painfully inconvenient store on Buffalo Speedway near West U.

  • Hey Scott McClelland, self-righteous president of HEB:

    Thanks for the daily dust storm in our neighborhood… don’t suppose your billion dollar carpet-bagger corporation could spare some change to spray down the construction site to keep the dust from billowing?

    You come around here yapping your trap about what a good neighbor HEB will be…

  • Its sad that this grocery store isn’t being built somewhere that it is actually needed. Where there is a lack of grocery stores. The people surrounding this development obviously aren’t appreciative that they even have the option of another grocery store.

  • I hope they do something with shepherd plaza it would definitely increase our business here at solar works. We’re fairly new to the neighborhood and I’ve noticed someone has leased the space and are currently rennovating as we speak. We’re on the corner of colquitt and s shepherd and we offer discounted state inspections, tint, and rock chip repair. We have a special on state inspections $29.95 regular price $39.75. We hope on being here for many years and look forward to working with this community and it’s needs. I really enjoy all the news and comments on swamplot’s.