Montrose Mining Company Sheds Its Back Patio as Part of Postino Wine Bar Redo

As heralded by strange sensations earlier this month, crews have begun transforming the former Montrose Mining Company into Houston’s second Postino Wine Bar by stripping the covered patio shown above from the building’s east side. So far, the rest of its gray brick exterior remains unchanged, except a portion of the facade on Grant St. that’s recently gone yellow as part of the redo:


Just off camera to the right is Baba Yega Cafe — the owner of which bought the former gay bar last December before leasing it out to the Arizona-based chain that’s now moving into it.

Back on the building’s east side, representatives of 1800-TOILETS are on site today as well — presumably to get its some of its long-unused plumbing back in working order:

Photos: Swamplox inbox

805 Pacific St.

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  • So happy this is moving right along. If it turns out anything like its Heights counterpart, it will be a bright and cheerful addition to the neighborhood – and get a lot more business than the Mining Co. I hadn’t been to that place in ages.

    Although the music and vibe was fun, it was gross and dirty inside and could have still attracted the same crowd if the owner would have pumped some money into it instead of letting it slowly morph into an eyesore.

  • Any updates on this one?