Montrose Residential Compound Trades Hands; City Defends Approval of Pine Crest Golf Course MUD

Photo of Graustark St. bridge over 59, Castle Court, Montrose: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • You guys, L’Encore is being torn down! Read the fourth story. Because we need more townhouses and less whimsy.

  • Oh how short our memory is. I think Texas should amend the real-estate code so that you must sign a paper saying that you realize you home is in the flood plain and may be inundated by natural and non-natural water flows and you that you accept all these risks voluntarily. Once you each subsequent home owner have to sign this piece of paper, I think the free market will take care of itself. My worry is these homes flood and the home owner’s will say “it’s never flooded before” and “no one told me it was in the flood plain”.

  • Mayor and council seem very touchy about geting called out as complicit in the routine devastation occuring in a major city. Maybe they can use the Nuremberg defense in upcoming corruption trials?