Montrose’s Late-Night Restaurant Row

First came Katz’s, then Biba’s One’s a Meal. Now Alison Cook maps the coming convergence of 24-hour restaurants in the heart of Montrose:

In December, a critical mass of late-night eateries will coalesce near the storied Houston intersection of Montrose and Westheimer. The debut of Little Big’s, a new slider shack from the guys at Reef, firmly establishes the crossroads as the go-to address for clubgoers, nightcrawlers and late-shift service personnel in search of something to eat.

Little Big’s, construction of which is underway at 2703 Montrose–the former Ming’s Cafe–looks straight across the street at BB’s Kitchen, the terrific little po’ boy and breakfast place that stays open until 2:30 am Thursday, 4 am Friday and Saturday. It’s my favorite late-night spot in town.

Cook also notes a second Little Big’s location will open in Hermann Park this spring.

Photos of Little Big’s, under construction at the former Ming’s Cafe, 2703 Montrose Blvd.: Alison Cook

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  • You forgot Taco Cabana!

  • Errol,

    Some of us like to sit down after we’ve been out burning up the dance floor or drinking the night away.

    BB’s, Old Biba’s, and even Katz’s was good. If you are going to include Taco Cabana then you have to include Jack-n-the-Box!

    I see these new eaters offering a better selection.

    Also, don’t forget Late Nite Pie on Fairview/Tuam. It used to be at Brazos and Elgin.

  • Little Big’s is born out of the slider’s served at REEF by Chef Bryan Caswell. If you have not had them, they are excellent.

    Of course, the burger ‘genre’ is growing by leaps and bounds these days. It will be interesting to see which ones survive.

  • Years ago I lived near the House of Pies on Kirby. I worked the graveyard shift at the time, so on my nights off, I’d get up about 3 am and walk over, get something to eat, some coffee and just hang out with the other late night people. Now that I live near Montrose & Westheimer, I’m glad we’re getting some good 24 hour restaurants within walking distance!