Moon Tower Inn’s Bicycle Parking Score

MOON TOWER INN’S BICYCLE PARKING SCORE Whenever it gets around to reopening as a brewery, Second Ward hotdog HQ Moon Tower Inn will still have only a single off-street parking spot — thanks to an accommodation agreed to by the planning commission. Owner Evan Shannon agreed to provide rack space for 40 bicycles instead of the 5 additional car spaces that would have otherwise been required at 3004 Canal St. Helpful in securing the exception from the city: a few bike-riding employees — and plenty of on-street parking in the food stand’s mostly industrial neighborhood. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Marty E.

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  • It’s happening!

  • Nice, now I can just ride my bike to the hood. Sure that’s safe, especially after dark.

  • How ridiculous. They’ve been waiting on crap like this to be approved by the city? Just open the damn place already!

  • That’s…really cool.
    Let’s hope this becomes a trend.

  • @Texasota…it is a trend. The Feds kicked in $5M to the East End Management District to help convert part of the 2nd Ward area into a “smart growth” area per the UN’s Agenda 21. Lots of bikes and tykes but cars are a no-no. The East End is raw enough to allow easy reforming per the new Master Plan.
    So expect the City Council to go along with more bike and pedestrian oriented ideas from now on.

  • what a kick the can town i call home…

    the city will go through the motions of going along with the biking trend, so that a few hipster businesses can cater to their crowd. Doesn’t change the fact that getting TO the place still has horrible trappings. Check out a bike-friendly town. They have trails, expanded sidewalks, the works.

  • Taking $5 million from the Feds to implement the UN’s Agenda 21… whose making these retarded decisions for the City?

    Dan Burden and these other fools will be happy to see everyone living in their own little 300sq.ft. Soviet Bloc style apartments.

  • I’m pretty sure the city can take the money and use it for sidewalks and bike lanes without implementing the parts of Agenda 21 that don’t work for Houston.

  • Actually, you really shouldn’t be biking on sidewalks anyways. Bike lanes, on the other hand, are pretty easy to do.