More Homes, More Gates in the River Oaks District

Just north of the just-underway River Oaks District and in the shadow of the Highland Tower, 24 of these homes are going up in what will be another cheek-to-jowl gated community. The first 8 are almost done, apparently, and all but 1 has sold; the whole set of ’em should be ready by March. Located at 2200 Briarglen Ln. just south of San Felipe on the site of some apartments that were knocked down in 2008, the homes range in size from 1,989 sq. ft. to 2,305 sq. ft. They’re starting at $600,000.

Rendering: Pelican Builders

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  • River Oaks boundaries where set by the Hoggs in the 20’s–this “River Oaks District” is a joke–like River Oaks Cleaners 12 miles from River Oaks–I realize River Oaks is by far and away the most prestigious neighborhood in Houston, but come on you know if you actually live in River Oaks and so does all the people you want to impress–

  • Wow, does this mean that the Target is in River Oaks too????

  • Got coherency?

  • Not to mention it’s on the wrong side of the tracks—-literally

  • In grand Houston tradition I propose we now refer to the area around the River Oaks District as “WORO” (West Of River Oaks).

  • 77019 is the zip code for river oaks….in River Oaks you know when you have arrived!!!3 housekeepers ,a cook ,two gardeners and a chauffeur…taxes that are more than most people pay for a house..thats per year…in you can’t aford that then you better look foranother hood to call home….

  • No river, no oaks? No problem. If they actually build this as depicted, it’ll be a first and they can call it whatever they desire.

  • I actually liked the 50’s/60’s garden apartments that used to be in this area. Now it’s all soulless new construction. Yes, the buildings have amenities galore.But they’re boring as crap. And occupied by even more boring,striving,bland,dull people!!!

  • One is sold indeed. There’s a sign: “do not disturb, occupied” or something along those lines. Reminds me of the lobster tank at central market: “do not tap the glass, you’ll scare the animals”

    @ Dana-X I walk my dog there occasionally, they do look like the ‘picture’. They look nice, which I understand is the fourth criterion in real estate, right after location, location, location.

  • I wouldn’t live there if they paid me!

  • Betcha would.

  • Ha ha! Haters be gettin’ their hate on, for realzzz!!

    What’s not to like? Great location, decent looking design. Looks like they’re using brick instead of stucco or Hardie siding.

    What would you put on the property if you were the developer? Mid-century mod? Tepees? Perhaps a sustainable organic urban farm surrounded by log cabins? Pier & beam Heights style bungalows?

    C’mon, tell us! Y’all think you’re the smartest people on the interwebs! Prove it.

    Occupied by boring, striving, bland, dull people? Really, Patrick? You know the buyers?

    Get a life.

  • I actually like the design. The River Oaks area is just the area immediately surrounding the actual neighborhood.

    The “River Oaks” name is known by many as it is referenced as Houston’s power hood. Using the name is just a marketing reference to lure buyers, shoppers, and anyone who wants to be near River Oaks.

    I’m fully supportive of these upscale additions around River Oaks. There is nothing wrong with spending thousands of dollars at exclusive boutiques when you have the money to spend. All of Houston’s museums and art institutions are funded by these kind of folks, so I wouldn’t exactly call them boring.

    Some of the stores going in at River Oaks District will be exclusive to not only Houston, but Texas which only adds to Houston’s ability to market its international image.

  • I’d say Patrick likely nailed it regarding what the buyers of that schlock might be like.

  • I am the sales agent for this new community of homes. The 24 homes are being built in 3 phases of 8. Right now there are 19 presales. The first phase has 1 home available, which will be ready in about 30 days. 5 of the homes are occupied. Phase 2 is framed up and 7 out of 8 are presold. Phase 3 slabs are being poured next week and 5 out of those 8 homes have presold. To me it looks like the rendering. With regard to the buyers, there’s a wide range but fortunately for me Patrick and Shannon are not really our target. In my experience people are buying these homes for several reasons, so far none of which have been to tell people they live in River Oaks. They appeal to people who want to downsize from larger, high maintenance homes in surrounding neighborhoods or that are moving in from the suburbs after the kids have left for college. They appeal to people who want to live in close proximity to dining, shopping or the office and who see the future development nearby as offering more opportunities for walkability. They appeal to people paying increasingly high rent in surrounding apartments or condo rentals. They also appeal to those who travel, are in Houston only for work or absentee owners who call Houston home part time and want to lock and leave but might not care to pay higher HOA dues in buildings with amenities they don’t plan to use. They won’t cater to everyone but I don’t think they really try to.