More Light Rail Previews: The University Line Drive-Thru

HAIF poster ricco67 adds to the collection of videos showing views along the paths of the under-construction or promised light-rail routes with this mostly accurate west-to-east drive-through of the promised University Line, from Hillcroft to Eastwood. It’s a long trip, made only a little faster by the absence of any Metro construction work along the way.

Video: ricco67

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  • i think “under-constructed and over-promised” are the words you were looking for

  • too bad this line will never happen… at least in our lifetimes

  • Agree with Robert: Not in our life time. I moved to Houston in 1980. The Mayor of Houston “Kathy Whitmire”, was trying to get a light rail down Richmond. Thirty years later, we’re one inch closer, but years away, so sad.

  • I don’t see this rail line being overwhelmed with riders.

  • Yes, robert…it is too bad.

  • The Westpark section is desolate, there are a lot of mature trees to remove or relocate (or will the line run in the lane alongside them?) and I don’t see many students using it since most probably don’t live in the areas along the western part of the line.

  • I agree with Robert & Dana X. It’s so disappointing to know there will be no effective mass transit in Houston in my lifetime. The line goes by the very far ends of UH campus. No where close to the dorms or the class rooms. I thought it was going down Wheeler? They’ve certainly cleared a strip of houses along Wheeler east of Cullen.

  • Lou, the Richmond Ave buses are packed every morning and evening with commuters in both directions. A rail line would offer more ‘on-time’ arrival and less hassle without stopping at every corner, which in my opinion, is the ultimate benefit of light rail travel vs the current bus system and will equal more riders as result.

  • There is something definitely being built on Wheeler, I drive by there every day and the street is completely blocked. The university line is the most important for Houston yet it’s the only one that’s probably not going to happen.

  • We just need Mattress Mac to pop up and fund it. He could paint the trains to look like credenzas and re-name it the Blight-Rail.

  • better idea than you think. i just don’t like light rail being funded by sales tax receipts (and the long-term traffic/pollution issues). if other inner-loopers are like me the vast majority of our spending is done online which presents the comical situation of light rail being funded by those that’ll have the least oppurtunity to use it.

  • The University line will eventually happen. But regardless, metro should have made this their number one priority. I don’t care how much opposition they faced, they should have waited to secure funds for a like that has the potential to out perform the north line. The east end and southeast line could have waited. They are not needed as much as the university line.

  • It is so sad to see that a city this large can’t even pull together a couple skimpy light rail lines. Its just simply amazing. Even dallas seems at least 100 years ahead of houston and houston is is larger!!! Scandal after scandal and excuse after excuse. When is houston going to get it together and actually do something other than explore new oil related technologies?

  • You are right on Dario. I have flown into Love Field in Dallas 3-years straight, and you can see the immense progress of the DART Rail from the air, there is so much belly aching in Houston about these rail lines, and Houstonians love to gripe about this thing, but the reality is, the will of the people is being done, albeit at a snail’s pace.

  • I agree this is sad. If the Eastend line is now projected for completion in 2016 and the University Line is rarely mentioned, do we really think it will ever be built. I had high hopes for this line when it was approved and attended many of the planning meetings. I think it will be tougher to get funding in the future. This should have been a priority.

  • Very true northsider. I also fly into the love field at least 3 times a year and i visit dallas from time to time. Dallas has an amazingly efficient and large light rail system and even the tre to fort worth. I’m not trying to turn this into a dallas is better because comment, because i like houston a lot. There really are a lot of great opportunities here. In some ways it seems like houston is 100 years ahead of other cities and in other ways we’re still trying to figure out how to build a fire. In 2016 i’ll already be just about done with medical school and about to start my residency. X( this stuff was approved back in 2004, i think we need to storm city hall and metro and start demanding aswers.

  • joel,

    Just like how my tax dollars are funding the 290 project that I don’t have the opportunity to use? I have driven 290 once in my lifetime. But my tax dollars are still paying for it. So you must be against the 290 project as well, correct?

  • I am ready for the University Line to begin construction. This will have many passengers. People that live in the Eastwood area will be able to ride through Montrose onto the Galleria and vice versa. Students will be able to be let out (sure it’s a walk, but students are use to walking…I know I was when I was a student at UH). At least they are dropping you off on campus. Sure it’s not by the dorms, but at least it something rather than nothing. This rail needs to begin NOW! Houston needs to catch up with the rest of the country on public transportation.