More New Dining Options at United’s IAH Terminals; Houston’s Hottest Neighborhoods


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  • Re: How Houston Escaped a Huge Oil-Related Recession [Houston Chronicle ($)]

    Lol, nice try liberal democrat Houston Comical. The reason Houston escaped a huge oil-related recession is because Houston/Texas/America got rid of Odumbass (the Houston/Texas/Oil Industry hater), and showed the pruned-faced crook the door by not electing her. The whole world knows he was the ultimate Israel/Texas hater and tried his best to destroy both on his way out. Odumbass had his foot on Houston/Texas’ neck trying to kill it, hoping to send it into an 80’s style death spiral. Had God not intervened, she would have finished Texas’ #1 industry off, with no help unless the state would agree to turn blue. But the Houston Comical, Texas dems/liberals, wouldn’t give a damn if Houston had collapsed, as long as they could have gotten a win. Praise the Lord for Houston’s sake they did not. The election of Trump and his commitment to the oil industry has already turned things around with oil headed back up toward $60+. Moreover, he gave us one of our own, Rick Perry, to oversee the industry at the Energy Department. So now Houston/Texas can get back on course. Before that, we were staring death in the face. That clown gave his cousins $150B a few months ago, and over $200M on his last day in office. Good riddance. That’s How Houston Escaped a Huge Oil-Related Recession…but don’t let the Comical tell it. They know damn well who was causing the mess (but will never print the truth)…they also know that now that they’re gone things are turning around for the better. And it sure as hell wasn’t luck…there’s no such thing.

  • It’s ok, Honest Truth, clam down, big bad Obama can’t hurt you anymore, I won’t let him. Seriously though, did you skip a rabies shot this week? This many conspiracy theories and no sequiturs in one post whilst completely ignoring global oil price fluctuations due to textbook supply/demand forces is a bit much even for red blooded Texans.

  • Could more people please list their houses for sale…the inventory is really low and picked over.

    Thank you.

  • @Honest
    It must really suck being you.

  • I’m afraid I can’t match Honest Truth’s screed, but isn’t it just easier to say that the massive post-recession boom in onshore drilling and refinery building gave Houston such a massive boom in jobs and wages (I won’t mention the incredible and continuing strength of the US economy post-recession that was guided by clear heads in office) that even after 2yrs of a major recession in our most important industry that we’ re still able to ride on the coattails of the boom times?
    Skip the chron read and go straight to the UH source as is a very long and worthy read. “Momentum from rapid growth in the fracking boom has largely dissipated after two years of no job growth; the eastside petrochemical boom is ending; and upstream drilling jobs are not yet returning.”
    Increased drilling and fracking in the Permian will come nowhere close to closing Houston’s gaping oil & gas wounds and for the near future, the Permian is all we have. As an energy worker, I still fully expect things to get worse before they get better in 2017 and have no faith in oil staying above $50 throughout the year considering the global growth risks still at play.

  • Remind me what the Department of Energy does again, troll? When you figure it out, make sure to tell Perry.

  • Remind me what Clinton said about the coal industry?

  • Honest Truth – surely that was sarcasm, right? Or “alternative facts”….

  • I think Honest just out did Adoille on the rant meter.

  • Dang. If there was a Swampie category for “Sour Screed”, the one by Honest Truth would be a contender. We still have 11 months to go so there’s room for more candidates. I tuned out after the first mangling of President Obama’s name.
    P.S. Paragraph breaks are your friend.

  • @Honest
    This has to be one of the best examples of Poe’s Law to grace my eyes

  • I don’t remember forum names with previous comments well enough to know if Honest Trust is being serious in his post (i.e., a right wing nutcase) or being sarcastic (i.e., a left wing nutcase).
    But he’s one or the other.
    Ag-ee: I decided to look at other comments for help. I never heard of “Poe’s law” but now that I see what it means, you’re spot on.

  • I won’t be surprised to hear of some sort of conflict of interest/ethics scandal with UH’s President having a paid board position for an apartment developer. She cashes in by requiring students to live in UH-approved campus housing. Seriously, how is this an acceptable thing? Aren’t they paying her enough at UH?

  • Ag-EE times 10,000. If Honest Truth’s comment isn’t satire, then it ought to be.