More Ponds, Hugging Bayous

MORE PONDS, HUGGING BAYOUS Houston will spend $30 million in the upcoming fiscal year on detention ponds like those built under Project Brays. “About $20 million in federal Hurricane Ike relief money and $10 million in city capital improvements funding will be used to buy land and design and build basins that can hold hundreds of acre feet of water when the bayous become full, [Mayor] White said. City officials are evaluating sites along the Hunting, Greens, White Oak, and Halls bayous for new detention basins, said Andy Icken, deputy director of the Public Works and Engineering Department.” [Houston Chronicle]

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  • How much is Harris County Flood Control District or Harris County putting in. It’s likely a lot more than the city is shelling out.

  • The rest of the linked article sites that Flood Control is working with the Corp on a $500 million dollar project on Brays.

    This is a big step for the City which has traditionaly relied on Flood Control for detention.

  • Ok, I choose not to read the Chron. Can’t support a crappy paper.

    I know HCFCD partners with the Corps. It’s of the 211F Federal Flood Hazard Reduction projects.

    They did one on Clear Creek. Working on one on Sims, Brays, and upper White Oak Bayou. Hunting Bayou had some work done too.

    The project is neat because HCFCD can move faster and implement some components to help with flooding and then the Feds come back and reimburse for the projects that qualify. Working with the Corps allows HCFCD to insure that most if not all of the project qualify. Then it’s just a waiting game for federal reimbursement. Hurricane Ike helped with some funding sources, but most come from the Water Resources Act that needs to be re-issued every couple of years.