More Shell Tech Center on Bellaire Blvd. Coming Down; More Townhomes Planned


Another section of the former Shell Tech Center on Bellaire Blvd. in Southside Place is hitting the dirt this week, this time for a townhome community proposed by builders Rohe & Wright, whose previous developments include 30 Sunset, Winfield Gate, and Cáceres. The company is planning to build a townhome development on the site at 3747 Bellaire Blvd. called Crain Square — for which, the company’s website declares (without much more detail), “the classic American townhouse featuring southern traditional architecture is the muse.” (E.L. Crain was the founder of Southside Place.) The Village News provides more info, reporting that the company plans to fit 62 townhomes on the 5.5-acre center section of the former research complex — which occupied 3 properties totaling 9.7 acres.



According to the News, the townhomes will surround a pair of green spaces and contain private pathways and roadways. The main entrance to the complex would be on Bellaire Blvd., but a back entrance would front Gramercy.


To get this configuration, the developers need to rezone the property — a public hearing on the project is scheduled for January 26th at Southside Place’s city hall.


In 2012, after 75 years in Southside Place, Shell finished vacating its sprawling complex of 2- and 3-story buildings that stretched from Braes Blvd. to Poor Farm Ditch. The 3.2-acre western end is currently under construction by Lovett Homes.

Actual Zoning

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  • “Poor Farm Ditch” – If one of those poor farmers would have just stuck it out, they’d be rich today!

  • 100 years is a long time to stick it out….

  • The Poor Farm Ditch was named for the County Poor Farm which used to be located where main section of the City of Southside is now. Oh, the irony!

    Also, the January 26th Planning Meeting is at 7:00 p.m.

  • When will these be available to buy?

  • Private roads and pathways?
    Must be to keep out the West U riff-raff.

  • @Walker: Well, they are still tearing down/hauling away the existing structures (as of today), so I would think possibly towards the end of 2015? The price for one of these new townhomes will be $800K and up!

    Note: the watertower WILL be remaining, so the lucky Craine Square residents get to look at that thing looming over them every day! :D

  • The neighbors on Gramercy behind the area are beginning to get organized to “voice their concerns” at the public meeting later this month. It seems they aren’t too keen on the proposed variances for the height of the homes, or an access drive off Gramercy.

  • The saving Gracie for those residents behind the shell facility is that they live in south side place not the city of Houston. I doubt the builders will be successful.