Mosaic: More Condos Available!

Ad for Mosaic Houston

Expect to see a lot more, uh . . . interesting advertising for the Mosaic towers on Almeda. Nancy Sarnoff reported in the Chronicle this past weekend that “about 65 units have closed” out of a total 790 in the two towers. The second glass tower is currently under construction at the eastern edge of Hermann Park.

That’s a long way to go, but the path sounds a whole lot steeper when you compare Sarnoff’s report to what Jennifer Dawson reported in the Houston Business Journal last August:

As of last week, 218 condos had sold in the first tower. Units in the second phase won’t go on sale until early next year. Ken Manfredi of Miami-based Developer Sales Group is handling Mosaic’s condo sales.

After the jump: More evocative ad imagery! Plus: the view from above.


Ad for Mosaic Houston

Aerial View of Mosaic Under Construction

Aerial photo of Mosaic construction from March: Aero Photo