Moules-Frites to Macaroni in Montrose

The next tenant in the former Jeannine’s Bistro space will be Jus’ Mac, the restaurant announced on its Facebook page last week. It would appear that this new location will be open by July. Jeannine’s closed here at 106 Westheimer just west of Midtown at the beginning of May. Jus’ Mac has other locations on Yale St. in the Heights and at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land — and a comment posted beneath the original Facebook announcement indicates that a 4th Jus’ Mac is in the works: “We have inside track,” it says, “on a location in heart of memorial.”

Photo of Jeannine’s: Allyn West

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  • I loved the location of Jus Mac in the heights but I wish their food was something other than bland and flavorless. What a shame for such a prime spot, here I was hoping for an independent coffee shop.

  • I’ve always wanted to buy that building and stuff it with some of my favorites from San Diego. A “real” mexican place, a “real” pizza place, a “real” coffee shop, and a “real” sushi place.
    “real” being copies of my SD favs :)

  • That building has access issues, though, on a westbound left turn off of Westheimer. I would invest my money elsewhere if I couldn’t get a discount on the price.

  • I don’t really get the appeal of Jus’Mac. Sure it’s gimmicky. I can take my rube parents there for dinner when they’re in town and we can all have a good time talking about “what a fun idea this is!” But the atmosphere of the place is awful, it’s dark and it’s tinted windowless and I’ve never known anyone who didn’t walk out of that place without a side of shame that comes from knowing you have a pound cheese sitting in your gut.

  • I have never had the urge to go to Jus’Mac and really don’t like the cutesy name, but they must be doing something right.

    Maybe there is some sort of inverse correlation between snarky blogger reviews and actual patrons.

  • Jus’ plain boring; along with slightly overpriced. Fried mac and cheese balls sounded good, until we tasted them and it tasted like their oil was 2 months old.

  • Wanna know why health care costs are skyrocketing? It’s because places like Jus’ Mac manage rapid expansion.

  • Jus’ Mac…jus not excitin

  • Wow, I was there the night that place imploded when it was some kind of Belgian restaurant. Long time ago (over 12 years), but family drama played out in a restaurant setting is hard to forget.

  • I’ll miss Jeannine’s, but Cafe Brussels (the other half of the post-feud split) is very good. Jus’ Mac is tasty comfort food, though the “regular” is a bit too large for me. I order the “small” and it’s perfect.

  • I love the idea of Jus’ Mac, but the stomach cramps that come from eating what’s basically four portions of Mac and cheese kind of ruins it.

  • I have friends who love Jus’ Mac. I’ve been twice and jus’ don’t get it. Reminded me of Hamburger Helper, and because it reminded me of Hamburger Helper, I found it ridiculously overpriced. I wish them well, jus’ not my thing.

  • @diggity – it’s simple – you can’t go wrong selling Texans melted cheese. Look at Cafe Adobe.

  • Whats With the negativity about this place. I’ve been there an handful of times and actually enjoy it. Granted I always get either their hangover or chicken and waffles but they never lack flavor.

    I guess I’m the only one excited about it being closer to my apartment.