Multiple Single-Families Replacing Razed Single Multi-Family on Center St.

Well, that was quick: This bygone apartment complex from the 1950s at 4118 Center St. — which you might recognize from this morning’s Daily Demolition Report — has come down. What was the rush? To make way for Allen Trace, apparently: Last Thursday, the city planning commission approved an application to divide the not-quite-half-an-acre West End property into 10 parcels for single-family townhomes.

A reader sends more photos of the cleansing of the palate:


The 0.4-acre property’s bound by Center, Bonner, and Allen St., backing up to the railroad tracks. The application naming Probstfeld & Associates Surveying and WBI Builders indicates a more-or-less symmetrical subdivision of the lot, with a 16-ft. shared driveway going right down the middle:

And a map of the area:

Images: Swamplot inbox (building); Probstfeld & Associates, via City of Houston Planning & Development Department

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  • Right next to the RR tracks! Awesome

  • “From GlenW:
    Right next to the RR tracks! Awesome”

    Yep, and someone will still buy one of the $650K atrocities they will put up there….where’s the head shake emoticon button?

  • ‘Single family townhomes’? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  • No Darby Mom, if the lots are individually owned in fee and the structures are not stacked, they are single family (may be classified as “single family attached”).

  • Damn it. Seeing these photos gets me upset again. I drove by this place last night with my wife as I was curious what happened to it. I had bid on the property and lost it to a developer.
    We’re actually going to post about this on our site today. This really pisses me off. The previous building was so cool. I put a full asking price offer RIGHT when it came on the market. My bid was passed on as I couldn’t go all cash like all the developers who bid on it could.
    I don’t think this building going will create a lot of public outcry, but if anyone likes to see these types of places stick around and NOT be blown up, try to find a way to support those companies that try to save them. I’m going to offer such a way.
    It’s easy to tell people “if you like it buy it”, but that’s not practical for most people. However, investing in companies that DO try to save these places IS practical. We’re going to try to offer a way to do so.