Mysterious Midtown Fire Blackens Fuzzy’s Tacos to Crispy Shell

Burned Fuzzy's Tacos, 138 W. Gray St., Fourth Ward, Houston, 77019

That warm glow early Sunday morning on the edge of Fourth Ward turned out to be a major fire at the eastern W. Gray outpost of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. The blaze is now under investigation, with an eye for possible arson — a manager at across-the-street Oporto Fooding House and Wine told KHOU that security cameras caught sight of a car parked outside the closed shop just before the start of the fire, somewhere around 5 AM. The upstate taco chain opened the freshly roasted branch in January in the 1940’s house formerly housing bar and barbecue joint Hefley’s (a little less than 2 miles down the street from the Fuzzy’s now lurking in the back of the River Oaks Shopping Center).

Standing around in the background of the west-facing shot above: the Dolce Living apartment complex under construction on the north side of W. Gray on either side of Bailey St. A few other angles captured yesterday by a reader on the scene show the newly reconfigured profile of the taco shop’s roof:



Burned Fuzzy's Tacos, 138 W. Gray St., Fourth Ward, Houston, 77019

Burned Fuzzy's Tacos, 138 W. Gray St., Fourth Ward, Houston, 77019

Photos: Chris C.

Soft Tacos Overdone

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  • No great loss, their tacos were atrocious and an insult to the entire culinary genre. And I’m sure the heavily tattooed, neon colored haired, and infrequently bathed employees can quickly find another job slinging lattes or working at a vintage clothes resale shop.

  • Damn, my hate for Torchy’s Tacos once again made me mistake Fuzzy’s tacos for it. Hoisted by my own petard.

  • A taco place gets ‘torched’ = Torchy’s Tacos. Understandable mistake, a spoonersism or some such thing.

  • From that first photo, they may need to change their sign: not so much need for the late-night cooks now.
    Sorry to hear of the extra-crisped shell of a building and glad to know that no one was hurt.

  • Commonsense, I agree about Torchy’s. That’s a place I won’t mourn if it did get torched. I love Fuzzy’s crispy fish tacos, though, and they are (were) a couple of blocks from me…one of the only decent places for a quick, cheap meal in the area. I hope they’ll rebuild. And hope they can rebuild faster than those dimwits working on Dolce Living.

  • We visited the Meyer Park location of Fuzzy’s Tacos and were profoundly disappointed. Torchy’s it is not. I gave ’em a year before they folded. I would hate to think somebody saw the writing on the wall and took the insurance fraud route to cut their losses.