N. Braeswood Dealing with Abandonment Issues as Saint Nicholas School Preps To Move South

7200 Main St., TMC, Houston, 77030

The sign above announcing the proposed abandonment of the short dead-end stretch of N. Braeswood Blvd. running east of Main St. was captured in situ by a reader over the weekend. The roadway currently serves as the access road for the remaining Saint Nicholas School campus, though the school is planning to be all moved in at that new facility further south along Main St. in about a year and a half. That’ll free up the landf for whatever might be in the works by shell corporation 7200 Main St., which now owns both the school property and the 8-plus-acre tract north of the N. Braeswood segment, former site of barn-shaped restaurant The Stables.

To the east of the orange-roofed soon-to-be-former Saint Nicholas school, HCC’s  Coleman College for Health Sciences building looks to be just about wrapped up, at least in terms of exterior finishes:


7200 Main St., TMC, Houston, 77030

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Medical Center Excision

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  • The concept of street abandonment is very interesting: in this case, the City is being asked to give up its easement rights for the road. I can imagine that the shell corporation could then have a larger contiguous parcel to put a large building/apartment/high-rise on.
    I’m sure the City wouldn’t mind abandoning this little street since the larger parcel (once developed) will generate more tax revenue (hopefully).

  • Where can I get one of those signs to install on Heights Blvd

  • How much do those little signs cost for the city, $1,000?

  • isn’t the city looking for a place to build a homeless camp?………

  • On a lark, I called the phone number listed in the sign – and it goes to a particular City employee (by her outgoing voicemail announcement).
    I don’t know the formality of calling in a comment. Do I just say: “I oppose this request at North Braeswood and Main and my name is Darth Vader”? I mean the posted sign doesn’t offer a lot of guidance to the random viewer of the process of registering a comment. (I did not leave a message.)
    @ neil: I certainly hope that there won’t be a formal homeless camp there.

  • Does anyone know the history behind this samll piece of N Braeswood? Historically, did N Braeswood continue as a separate street on the north side of the bayou all the way to Pressler (as opposed to merging with S Braeswood as it currently does)?

  • @htownproud that section of “S. Brasewood” was present before ANY other section was built in the 1940s. I don’t know what it was called at that time.