Naming the Astrodome a City Landmark; Preserving the Smoky Past at El Big Bad Downtown

River Oaks Plant House at buffalo-speedway and westheimer

Photo of median at Buffalo Speedway and Westheimer near River Oaks Plant House: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I hate the term Food Deserts. It doesn’t address the real issue. There is a reason some areas are food deserts. Think about it and let me know.


  • Oh goody another creamery for Houston. I’m
    sure that will make us top 5 again on Men’s Health most fat ass cities. I’m with the Mayor, time to tear down the dome.

  • “The city estimates 440, 000 Houston area residents live in what’s called a ‘food desert.’ ”

    Bovine excrement. I refer to them as “Lazy Zones”.