Nanobrewery Brewing Downtown; Evelyn’s Park Restaurant Sets Opening Date


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: White Oak, they’re going to find a lot of trust fund oil kids, and likely a substantial amount of foreign investment(s). Omar is as shady as the day is long, and it’s over due that they be exposed especially with regard to their bribing city hall.

  • Funny that the article about class A, vs. B, vs. C office focus mostly on location. “Class A are in nice areas, Class B in okay areas. Class C in bad areas”.
    Not really. At least when it comes to multifmaily, there are lots of Class C properties in “A” locations (even though the city does their best to remove them)

  • that’s a beautiful photo

  • “It is ridiculous for hardworking Houstonians to be out in the cold holding bake sales and refinancing their homes in an effort to litigate a problem the city helped create,”

    Drama queen alert!