Nassau Bay’s Purple Waterfront Playhouse

It all seems so seasidey serene at this Nassau Bay property on the border of Bal Harbour Cove and Swan Lagoon. A mid-July initial listing, the 3-story $2.2 million property has water views from all its rooms. There’s a lakefront pool, a fire pit on a cantilevered deck, a pair of palapas, palm trees bending in the breeze, and a double-slip boathouse perched above the lapping waves. In the front yard, there’s a tiered waterfall. But inside, this rock-encrusted 2-story  waterfall-with-aquarium in the entry is the real tipoff that while the home is on the water, its interior isn’t a driftwood-nautical knot kinda retreat:


Suspended from the ceiling, a glass table upwardly anchors the dining area:

There’s a lot of space in the intergalactic bar of the 3,693-sq.-ft. home, built in 1994:


For the media room and game room, head upstairs:

It’s a 4-bedroom home with 4 and a half bathrooms. Here’s the peek-a-boo master suite, complete with light display wired into the custom bed’s headboard and glass block base:

At 18,000 sq. ft., the pie-wedge lot has 235 ft. of shoreline. Its immediate neighbors include another private home and a row of townhomes on the other side of the access road. The Johnson Space Center is just across NASA Parkway.

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  • Purple is my favorite color, but ye Gods talk about overdoing it! I can only imagine what fun the new owner will have painting or wallpapering those intergalatic designs on the walls. I honestly believe the homeowners could not decide whether this was a private home, a disco from the mid 70’s or a dirty picture studio.

    The actual design is not bad, but I would definitely ask for a price break so I could have the funds to remodel.

  • Marie from Breaking Bad would love this house.

  • I swear that’s a house from the Jetsons!!

  • I do like the pool though. I hate to think what the insurance premiums on that property would be however.

  • Even the woofers, tweeters and mid-range horns in the master BR are purple. They match the lava lamp atop.

  • Wow -was the decorator a former Miami Vice set designer? Bwahahahaha!

  • I made many trips to Ft Lauderdale during the cocaine ‘eighties, and I thought I had seen some pretty appalling stuff , but leave it to Texas to beat all– and 30 years later too

  • I think I just singed my eyeballs. Thanks for nothing!

  • This house was at the end of the street I grew up on. I remember when it was built! Wow! I never knew their favorite color was purple!

  • Does that stripper pole in the middle of that table come with the stripper?

  • From the outside it looks normal, step inside, purple, teal and glass blocked gross.

  • I am still freaking out about the custom bed with the light display on the headboard and glass block. Seriously, who wants that going off in the middle of the night?

    MC: All that dining room table is missing is a go-go dancer cage. If someone was paid to decorate that house, they should be sued for crimes against taste.

  • I disagree completely! While not to my taste, this home’s design is cohesive with a high level of coordinating detail. And the workmanship looks very good. Custom everything. The outside is the ugly part.
    A Saint’s or Viking fan could loooove it.

  • Rather, an LSU Tiger or Viking’s fan could love this house.

  • The mirror above the bed is pretty much a guarantee the guy never gets laid.