National Burger and Drag Chain Hamburger Mary’s Heading to Montrose

Hamburger Mary's Houston ad

The latest ad for the in-the-works Houston franchise of restaurant and periodic drag venue Hamburger Mary’s includes a collection of cartoonified downtown landmarks (among them Pennzoil Place and Bank of America Center), with an Astrodome tacked onto one side of the abbreviated skyline for good measure. As to where exactly the restaurant and bar is settling in — what with the old Mary’s spot already taken, and all — permits have been issued for the Converse St. end of the strip center at 2409 Grant St., a block east of Montrose Blvd. That’s where not-safe-for-work clothing and accessories shop Hollywood Super Center previously operated, before moving next door into the former Hollywood Investments & Realty space):


Hollywood Super Center, 2409 Grant St. Ste. D., Montrose, Houston, 77006

The same end suite was previously slated for remodeling to take in Hollywood Vietnamese & Chinese after the restaurant’s apartment ouster.

Job applications for Hamburger Mary’s can be filled out and brought to nearby Eagle Houston, which has been back in its Hyde St. haunt since the fire repairs wrapped up last year.

Images: Hamburger Mary’s (ad);  Chad N. (former Hollywood Super Center)

Marys of Avondale

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  • So what was his name before she became Mary? Is the lettuce hand picked by lesbian horticulturalists each morning at the crack of dawn? Is the beef organically raised in the northern rural outskirts of Marin County? Is the bread locally baked and delivered on a fixed gear bicycle each morning by a trendy tattooed hipster? These are all questions I need answers to before deciding where to eat a hamburger.

  • @Toby, if you are not sure about the burgers, I heard they may be serving big thick hotdogs, bread optional.

  • Thanks for the warning.

  • What happened to the Woodhead @ Clay location indicated on the FB page?

  • I have never considered any of the Hamburger Mary’s I have been to a drag restaurant.

  • It’s nice to see something gay coming into Montrose rather than leaving or closing.

  • While I appreciate the schtick, I’ll stick with Whataburger for my burger fix.

  • Well, some dudes go to Twin Peaks and some dudes go to Mary’s.