Navigating Houston Traffic; HISD’s School Opening Schedule; the Neighborhoods That Flooded Least

Photo of Woodlyn Rd., East Houston: Leslie LaMacchia


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  • Re: Undocumented Workers Will Play a Crucial Part in Rebuilding Houston

    Checkmate, Republicans. Maybe the wealthy can rebuild homes while the undocumented can live in River Oaks? The discriminated deserves more.

  • also found this quick article yesterday about how theyre handling all these flooded cars:

  • The “undocumented” didn’t follow the law to get here. But you think they are going to follow buildings codes. Pssssahhhhawww.

  • HEB: No checkmate. The issue is democrats (for the most part) have allowed them to be here illegally. If it were up to me, I’d INCREASE the amount of LEGAL immigration so we could have all the help we need. But they’d be here legally which would better their chance at upward mobility.
    Yet so many (mostly on the left) are fine with the status quo of giving lip service to the idea of a border but zero enforcement if someone sneaks over.
    How about this plan HEB: Kick out ANYONE you find here illegally. BUT, let TWO PEOPLE in from the same country (who are waiting in line legally) for every ONE person you kick out that snuck in. It would be hard, even for the most die hard of lefty, to call that ‘racist’ or whatever.

  • @Cody: You can’t blame Democrats for lax border security. Republicans have had plenty of chances to cut illegal immigration, but their campaign contributors don’t really want that. Big business depends on cheap labor to keep those shiny office bathrooms clean.

  • What an awesome photo accompanying this post!

  • We have undocumented immigrants because businesses and middle class americans of all stripes want them. Americans love cheaper labor far better than cheap labor. It’s just another typical supply and demand story. Businesses and the wealthy cater to both R’s & D’s (R’s tend to have higher incomes though – cough, cough). It’s just dumb to say it’s one parties fault.
    Americans should have thought more about immigration patterns when they were blowing taxpayers money to send guns south and supporting coups throughout south america in the 70’s though. Not that we were by any means the largest factor in it all, but obviously migrations patterns are directly related to a country’s stability.
    If you want to kick them all out just be prepared to see another massive recession along with huge cuts to SS & medicare needing to be implemented ASAP.

  • Most of Acres Homes did well in the storm. Golly, I wonder why that didn’t make the Realtor’s list.