NBA Lifer Avery Johnson’s Woodlands Digs

Former San Antonio Spur point guard and former Dallas Mavericks coach Avery “The Little General” Johnson lost his most recent job a few months ago at the helm of the former New Jersey and now Brooklyn Nets — and now his home, built in 2005 in The Woodlands, is for sale. What can a long career in the NBA buy you? Well, this 7-bedroom, 14,396-sq.-ft. Mediterranean mansion is listed at $8,995,000.


The 2-story house comes with 7 bedrooms and 9 baths. Of course there’s a gate and a pool on the 73,675-sq.-ft. lot. And one of the themes throughout the home seems to be beige, chosen, perhaps, to soothe the psyche of one involved in such a high-stress, high-stakes profession.

The kitchen:

It opens to a smaller dining nook that opens again to a more colorful sitting room:

Also downstairs: A study for post-game cocktails and arm-chair analysis:

The bedrooms are all upstairs. The master is 33 sq. ft. by 15 sq ft. 33 ft. by 15 ft.

And it has a bath that the Mediterraneans of antiquity might have enjoyed philosophizing in:

And terrace:

The other bedrooms:

This one seems set aside for Coach Johnson’s players during team-building slumber parties . . .

. . . though the bed seems a tad short.

And there are a few places to play upstairs, too:

Outside, the patio has plenty of seating and its own kitchen:

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  • Wow, you really can’t buy taste….

  • This is what would happen if Liberace married a Real Housewife from New Jersey.

  • You people wouldn’t know taste if it smacked you in the face with a stack of 100 dollar bills. I’ve walked through this house during construction, it was built by Jarregui Architects and is one of the best homes in Carlton Woods. The materials and finishes are top of the line. (Can’t comment on furniture).
    And ya’ll know for ME to give someone a complement, that’s rare.

  • Not bad for coaching and playing a kids game-

  • “The master is 33 sq. ft. by 15 sq ft.”

    That’s not right. 33 ft by 15 ft, would be better. That’s a good sized room.

  • This is way, way more tasteful than most of the insane mansions we see on here. Not that it is MY taste, but I can understand why somebody would want it this way.

  • For 9 million you could do quite well somewhere closer in (i.e. not in BFE).

  • @Ross: You’re right. Thanks for catching that! The story has been updated.

  • Only the truly rich can afford four-dimensional master bedrooms.