Near the Bayou in Timbergrove Manor, a Cedar Wrapped and Renovated 3-Bedroom Asks $500K



A cedar plank shelter is served in Timbergrove Manor, where recent shingle and stone work on the previously updated 1955 home have perked it up a bit. Listed last week with a $499,900 asking price, the property sits next to a vacant lot — and across from another two, all of them owned by the Harris County Flood District. White Oak Bayou is just down the street.





A 2002 renovation to the studs kept the original hardwood flooring in the living and dining rooms, hallway, and bedrooms. The replaced windows, meanwhile, are now dual -pane.





Behind a set of French doors from the dining room, a corner-pocket breakfast room provides one route to the step-up kitchen:




There are 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.


The master suite . . .


brought a cedar finish to the closet:


Here are the secondary bedrooms:





Back lot landscaping opted for a patch of no-mow gravel between the home and its detached garage:



Swags of chain show where the 7,200-sq.-ft. lot gives way to the vacant one next door:



HCAD records show this property has had a different owner every decade or so over the past 40 years. Next to the bayou just up the street are T.C. Jester East and the White Oak Bayou Trail.

Shingles and Closets

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  • hmm, next to properties that are owned by HC flood district, floors look either new or refinished and the tile appears new. how many times has this house flooded?

  • A renovation in 2002, down to the studs? I wonder what event in later 2001 could have lead to that?

  • I know prices are appreciating dramatically in that area, but $500k seems a tad steep for that close to TC Jester and the bayou. If I’m correct, due to deed restrictions, you can’t sub-divide the lot for townhomes.

  • Really y’all figured out it got wet during Allison. Congratulations! You must be rocket scientists. I leave in a similar situation, love having no neighbors so close to town, yea if got wet, really wet but had the right insurance. The water hadn’t gotten again even after Ike. So bring it on, a 100 or 500 year flood I won’t be around for the next one. Plus if you have adjoining Harris county property you can do a lot with it, just not build a house on it. Thank you tomatoes, potatoes, blackberries, lemons, limes, oranges, roses, greens, peppers, peas, squash, cukes………

  • Flood insurance !

  • I like Beachy’s optimistic comments! This IS a beautiful, comfortable home. Price seems steep but there’s a buyer for everything. If I was flush, I’d not think twice. And could have an awesome melon patch next door – yum!

  • OH! and what’s inside the electric armoire? Narnia?