Negotiating the First Ward for Lawyers

NEGOTIATING THE FIRST WARD FOR LAWYERS The new owner of Gravitas says the new partnership that recently bought the Taft St. restaurant from chef Scott Tycer plans to open a combination “gourmet sandwich grill, American craft beer garden and bourbon cocktail bar” suitable for “young attorneys and businessmen” at the corner of Houston Ave. and Crockett St.: “The lease on the location is still under negotiation, but [Stephen] Ross says the future design features indoor/outdoor space with garage doors, decks in the front and back, a bocce court and possibly lawn bowling.” [Culturemap]

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  • NOOOOOOO!!!! D*mn you, Scott Tycer! Now where am I going to get truffled risotto!!!!

  • thanks for letting me know. as a not-so-young attorney, i will know to avoid this place like the plague.

  • Dangit. I guess us old pharts will have to go elsewhere. I smell an age discrimination lawsuit coming on….

  • I am a young attorney, and I will sorely miss Gravitas.

  • Age discrimination for what? Almost every bar, club, shop, store, etc. targets a specific demo by way of what they sell, services they offer, etc.
    They’re not going to deny service to anyone that isn’t a ‘young attorney’, but they will offer things they think will attract that market.
    “Discrimination!!” Geeze… What a bunch of sensitive PC softies we have in here…

  • Let the chasing of fads continue…

  • if you read the article, gravitas is staying–they are just redoing some of the menu (30%).

  • Uh, I am going to go out on a limb and say that the “age discrimination” comment was made with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

    Have a nice day, boys and girls!

  • lawyers, ik. staying away.

  • Cue up “Lawyers in Love.” It sounds like a self-conscious nightmare. Of course the Austin owner had to come to Houston to do it, to avoid his hometown’s legally-enforced tedious hipster chic.

    Here’s hoping he doesn’t screw up Gravitas.

  • The CultureMap piece makes an off-the-cuff illusion to a potential name of “Yeast.” The devout followers would have to be known as the the “Yeast Infections.”

  • The “businessman” comment is what irritated me. Being a businesswoman I guess I am out with the old farts to go somewhere else……. ho hum. All those businessmen better home some of the young attorneys are female or they won’t be going there for long. Young men generally like to hang with the ladies; some of them anyway!

  • Get over your woman’s lib!

    So businessmen of any age are invited, but only young attorneys?

    Is this some kind of secret fight club in the making?

    Only guilty businesmen like to rub shoulders with attorneys, but then only prefer the old ones – not the nubes.

  • Don’t focus so much on young vs old, women vs men, attorney vs non-attorney. They were obviously looking for a polite way to say “douchebags who will drop a lot of cash.”

  • Good one! @ John(another one)
    Does anyone know how copper wire was invented?
    Two lawyers were fighting over a penny
    ha hha hhhha

  • Indeed, John(another one) has hit the nail on the head =)

  • I once rode up to this place on a bike. Doorman/host gave me the coldest reception ever – I guess my Lycra tights weren’t alluring enough!