Neighborhood Guessing Game: Barred

Wanna take a peek at this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game? It’s here — and there’s another prize to give out. A one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance will go to the winner!

Let’s review the rules: You look through the home pictured here. You put together the clues. You guess what neighborhood it’s in, and enter it in a comment. You guess right, you win! And if more than one of you comes up with the correct neighborhood, the prize will go to whoever provided the best explanation for the choice.

Do you know this home already? Then hold on: There are some special rules for you, and for anyone else who comes across the listing while the game is being played. First, don’t ruin the game for everyone by blurting out the answer. Instead, send us an email with a link to the listing, so we’ll know what you’re up to. Then enter a wrong guess, but give a really good explanation for it. If you do this well, it’ll help confuse the other players, and you’ll win special recognition for your obfuscation. And if nobody guesses the correct neighborhood, you could end up winning the prize!

That’s all . . . on with the photos:


This one looks simple! Don’t you think? You don’t?

Okay, time to guess! What will you come up with? The answer appears here magically on Thursday.

Update: Your answer is right here!

Photos: HAR

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  • I’m so confused. Early on I was thinking this was a relatively new construction… until I saw the old school bathroom cabintry. What the heck? Vaulted ceilings, newish exterior doors, I can’t tell about the windows and a locked liquor cabinet (Is Uncle Charley a “Friend of Bill”?)…

    I’m guessing Camp Logan or Crestwood. Sooner or later, the Guessing Game entry will be over there.

  • I agree with Brad, except I think it’s north of Memorial. You don’t see any buildings over the pool fence, but you see a lot of non-pine trees. Something about that seems to say “overlooking Memorial Park.” Additionally, all the windows seem to imply decent views, and the overall smallish size of all the rooms could mean “really expensive land.” Rock fireplace, vaulted ceilings, “contemporary” sunroom, track lighting, and inadequately-sized bathrooms all imply 70s to me, even though they may have updated the little kitchen since then. Ya know, this might very well be a two-story townhouse. But that three-piece leather set — ick. Like seeing your grandparents naked.

  • I think it looks like a typical MacMansion in one of those “master-planned” communities, perhaps in far north Houston, like Spring. I’ve been in a Coventry Home with that exact same bar set-up. I remember commenting that it would be a great ‘kid jail.’ Just sayin’….

  • Guys, I can’t believe you can not smell that Bayou in the backyard of this place!!

    I like the second floor loft.

    All of the windows argue a view of something.

    Since Houston is flat…with views of nothing…I bet it is along Buffalo Bayou

    it is a big place, with a pool and lots of renovations (floors, kitchen) so near HCC. it might even be on a golf course if it is not the Bayou. Maybe i just smell a retention pond.

  • KID JAIL!! i love it!

  • Painted paneling and flagstone fireplace place this as built around 1975. The poor little kitchen looks neglected. Not upscale enough for Memorial, Tanglewood, etc. The bathroom looks like the ones in the 1970’s homes in the great NW area. The yard is small so it’s a subdivision. I think that it’s a older home in the Champions area. Maybe Greenwood Forest or Nottingham.

  • hi! ok my first thought is this is a large townhouse. from the 80s – totally remodeled. someone let me redo this place!!!! cover that stone fireplace with stucco, new windows, floors, could be a beauty and someone please please please outlaw puffy leather furniture!! what is with that? the ugliest furniture ever made: puffy leather!!! haha!!

    ok – where is this? could be Hudson on Memorial – or somewhere off Gessner. that area. I have no idea !!! as usual!!!

  • I’ll bet this is one of those 70’s contemporary brick patio homes along Gessner, in between Briar Forest and Memorial. Either along there or in Tealwood proper, where there are tons of tall pine trees. A lot of those have smallish back yards with nice little pools wedged in the space. Many of them have benefitted from upgrades to the kitchens, flooring, etc, just like this one. You can also see the painted wood paneling in the family room!

  • ok – i just read the comments, I agree about the bayou !!! my first thought was the bayou was down there! weird – why?????

  • I think BJ has come closer to anyone else. This looks like a seventies/eighties partial redo. I could certainly see it as a patio home or townhouse somewhere near Memorial, especially to the west like around Gessner, Fondren or Wilcrest. That type of granite counter doesn’t work with white painted cabs.

  • First of all, the only person I’m putting in a jail with a bar is me, no kids. Second, are these people schizo or what? Looks like an late 70s/early 80s build that got halfway updated (new windows, maybe the loft, new counters) and halfway not (bathroom closet doors and leathah sofa set?!) And are those antlers or pool cues? And what’s up with the walk-in TV? Somewhere north of Woodway and west of Chimney Rock near Houston Country Club maybe?

  • Braeswood – medical center area.

  • The prior poster and I appear to be thinking similarly. I am going to be more specific and suggest east of 288 near MacGregor and the bayou. Memories of a late night house party I attended once in that area with similar amenities – Grand Marnier and Kahlua in plain sight, but just out of reach suggesting a certain pride of resident in their inventory, but unwillingness to share without inspection of partygoer; furniture aggregated by housemates the night before heavy trash day but carefully selected to ensure ability to easily wipe away any party fouls at 5 a.m., art on the walls and a few furniture pieces left behind by the parents who left the house to their oldest son (who by the way maxed out his credit to secure the big screen) and the standard late night party focal point, the pool table where tens of dollars were gambled until the last of us left in the early morning sun. It was a fun party.

  • It reminds me of the patio homes along Rice between San Felipe and Westheimer or the ones between San Felipe and Woodway off of Post Oak Lane.

  • This looks like high-end 1970s to me. The lush, non-coniferous trees are leading me down south: Clear Lake City.

  • The photo of the enclosed patio and pool leads me to agree with Brad and his guess of Crestwood/Camp Logan. Limited lot size for a pool and the siding looks like metal. Metal homes are frequent in that area. However agreeing with Brad will not allow me to claim the prize so…. I think CK is close, it is a patio home near Memorial Dr. but further west. Somewhere between Kirkwood and Eldridge Parkway.

  • Bayou…I don’t see a bayou. Is this a forest for the trees kind of thing? I am going to say Bellaire because it has a lot of funky ceiling angles and crazy windows that suggest add on, redoings, customizing out the wazooo.

  • Kind of reminiscent of friend’s parents’ home – mid-90s new construction in Sugar Land/Greatwood Bend area, or maybe even up the road a little bit in the Plantation-y area around Dulles and Highway 6..

  • I’m starting to get the hang of this: The NGG quarry is generally the exception to the RE rule…

    Here’s my idea: Bayou Glen, in the NE quadrant of Woodway and Voss. There are some nice, large units backed up to Buffalo Bayou. The open plan! the vertical windows! the vertical siding! Problem for me is the wonderful pool in the side yard – can’t say if any of these owners could have space for that.
    I believe this is newer construction, 1980s-1990s (reason: exterior door sets,) built to 1970s specs (reason: brick ext. columns, chamfered/vaulted ceilings.) So it’s a weird hybrid and difficult to finger; wouldn’t expect anything less from this game!

  • My guess is a townhome in Westhaven Estates.

  • Extra high ceiling and windows in the living room, ivy covered wall next to pool, color of brick in the sun room, and quality of remodeling tell me that this is a patio home near Chimney Rock and Memorial.

  • I wonder what this place looked like before the staging? What’s up with the pool cues without a pool table?
    Obviously 70s construction, built-ins and bathroom cabinets are the giveaway. Brick floors and no carpet down, so most likely is near water, maybe backs to a bayou? I’d say Memorial but it can’t be or they would have done a Subzero fridge instead of that generic thing. Must be outside the Beltway and south of the bayou, Lakeside Forest or Lakeside Place.

  • Wake up Gus, It’s time to relieve the masses with the answer!

  • What a great way to promote theft and robberies