Neighborhood Guessing Game: Bedside Manor

Sweet! The winner of this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game will receive a dozen cupcakes from Crave Cupcakes in Uptown Park, a $36 value. Never been to Uptown Park? Don’t think you can find 1151-06 Uptown Park Blvd.? No problem: The prize comes with free delivery (which normally costs $10-$45, depending on your Zip Code). If you just know you’re gonna win this week, you can pick from Crave Cupcakes’ PDF menu online.

All you’ve gotta do to win, of course, is guess the location of the pictured home. If more than one of you guesses the correct neighborhood, the prize will go to the player who gave the best explanation for the guess.

If you already know this home, or if you come across it or the listing while we’re playing the game, don’t ruin the fun for everyone else by blurting out the answer. Instead, send Swamplot an email with a link to the listing. Then enter your own super crafty and deceptive incorrect guess, just to throw the other players off. If you do this well, you’ll earn special recognition when we announce the winner. And if no one guesses the actual neighborhood, you could win the prize!

Ready to poke around the place?


This one’s a piece of cupcake.

What? You can’t figure it out?

When you’re ready with your guess, add it in the comments section below. The answer magically appears here on Thursday!

Update, 7/2: We have a winner!

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  • Obvious choice may be the Woodlands, but I’m going to go with the neighborhood south of Memorial Drive just west of Loop 610 with the Robin Hood names.

  • I want to say Hunter’s Creek Village. The house says 1985. The furnishings 1987.

  • My only regret (since cupcakes are on the line) is that these Giganto-homes all look the same to me. :(

  • Yea it looks like there hasn’t been any updates to the interior since they moved in after it was built. I’m going to go with the area around Briar Forest and Gessner somewhere along Buffalo Bayou.

  • I am going with a 1 mile radius of Memorial at Voss.

    Crave cupcakes are the best!

  • Actually, on second thought, I see a bayou outside of one of the windows. Maybe the Wirt/Westview area. That little neighborhood that backs up to some little bayou offshoots.

  • Golf Course living at its finest. Kingwood Country Club or around there. Now, where’s that menu….

  • Tanglewood?

  • Its too bad these homeowners had to pawn off some of their larger pieces of art to cover the energy bills in this treehouse. They could have used some of the rugs, but were afraid their Tanglewood neighbors would wonder what they were hiding all of a sudden.

  • Homeowners, if you’re reading this, can I buy your dining set? With some new upholstered seats, it would go perfect in my own 70s house. My otherwise uneducated guess is somewhere in Kingwood.

  • I would guess The Woodlands, but it’s obviously a 70’s house, so it would be either Grogans Mill or Panther Creek villages.

  • This looks like an older (mid-90’s) semi-custom home in an upscale acreage community ‘up North.’ I’m going to guess north of The Woodlands, maybe on the east side of I-45 near the Crighton Ridge neighborhood off Crighton Road, south of Conroe. I can taste those cupcakes now!

  • I love this house! Look at all those windows…it reminds me of something like the glass house. Looks to me like it hasn’t been touched sine the late 80’s, but you can tell this is a nice home. It’s woody, and the lot looks pretty spacious. The deck by the wet bar and master bedroom gives me the impression that it’s on some sort of water way? I can’t really tell though. I’ll go with Bayou Woods. There seems to be older homes with spacious lots in that area.

  • Hey! That’s my Pier One coffee table. It was white until I painted it pink. Then I sold it in a garage sale. My guess is Memorial. Just off one of those small streets east of Gessner. Like maybe on a cul-de-sac. There’s a little creek back there. Nieman Creek or something like that? OH I LOVE CUPCAKES.

  • nice house. deep in the woods. surrounded by big trees and smart decking.

    The house is obviously that of a Multiple Cat Owner. Just look at how practicalthe duvet is on the bed. VERY cat friendly And the proliferation of cozy rugs. many of the blinds are drawn up just beyond the reach of kitten paws. Gus has spared us the kitty litter bags and stuff in the laundry room. i bet the homeowners are off at some big Cat Show somewhere. Their house, however is between kirby where it veers east into allen parkway and shepherd. some big trees and elevation changes in there. if the cats got out, they might stumble onto troon, or pine valley, or they might scamper across kirby onto tiel way…

  • Big old 1970’s / 1980’s custom home with lots of green space around it. Trees don’t appear to be uniformly pines, so maybe not all the way up to The Woodlands. Not updated enough or high end enough furniture to make me think Memorial or points west. Maybe up in the Champions Forest / Raveneaux (sp?) golf course area??

  • Exactly subprimelandguy, I too thought the vegetation indicated closer to Houston.
    Nonetheless, I suspect, like Brad & Carol, this place is in Kingwood (also, Pat, there HAS been a Pier-I there for many years.)

    That’s all I can do though: cheer you folks on who know better than I do!

  • The yard looks like is slopes down. Towards a creek or lake. I am going to say the Lake Houston vicinity as a very wild guess.

  • Oh, I love it! It reminds me of my grandparents’ patio home built in the 80s out near Briar Forest and the Beltway…all that modernism mixed with wood and stone but more traditional, yet stylish, furniture.

    BUT this is what they dreamed of owning. It’s definitely bigger than a townhome, with more greenery, and requires much more $$$.

    I’m guessing my grandparents’ dream house is more inside the beltway along Memorial Dr between Voss and Gessner.

  • It does seem like a Champions Forest house, but since that has been guessed already; I’ll go West and say Lakeside Forest.

  • Cathedral ceilings with windows to match, lovely floors, walls updated with plenty of white paint — an ’80’s custom special, lookin’ good. Decking outside going down to a bayou tributary, but also a view of white fence and green lawn through the trees — too much space for this to be in Hudson Oaks. Verdure is somewhere north of I-10. Furnishings are comfortable and affordable, neither ostentatious nor in the $$$$ range, which rules out the area off Memorial Drive between the Post Oak Roads and Hunters Creek. I’m going to take a stab at — at — oh, where *is* this place? somewhere off Cypress Creek, say Ponderosa Forest.

  • Clear Lake/Brook Forest

  • Circa 1980 up north. Since The Woodlands is taken, I’ll say somewhere in Conroe. Too tired to editorialize on this one. Congratulations to whoever wins–those Red Velvet Cupcakes are mighty tasty!

  • This nice estate seems to be situated on a huge wooded property. The lush green make me think about a bayou or creek nearby. This house is large. At least two stories with creative floor plan, soaring ceilings, spacious rooms and extra large master suite was build probably around mid 80’s and recently updated. Wet bar is convenient located near big patio that overlook the beautiful landscape. Many big, tall windows around the house suggest extraordinary view to enjoy.
    This is a great retreat for older, professional adults. Quiet and serene settings point me to Magnolia or more likely to Tombal.

  • I’m agreeing that this is on the north end of town. The Woodlands seems to make sense, and so do many parts of Kingwood, but there are a number of neighbhorhoods all throughout Spring this could be in as well. Cypress is also a contender, as is many areas around Tomball. Let’s go with something around Lakewood. Lakewood was built quite some time ago.

  • I’m gonna put it out in the trees in Friendswood. There are some pretty nice areas off FM 528 and off FM 518, in the woods near Clear Creek. Nice to see a contemporary instead of a MacTuscan or MacChateau in a house this size. Like the wood, like the windows, like the rock fireplace. Wall-to-wall ecru carpet and amoebesque bathroom wallpaper with black tile, maybe not so much. This was probably a “soft Comtemporary,” I’d go along with anything before 1995.

  • It said Tanglewood immediately but I think that is too obvious. It has a ravine, clearly, but a lot of my other guesses have been taken up so I will get very specific (had to look up the names on a map) and say Broad Oaks or Briar Manor.
    Ummm. Cupcakes.

  • I like the sitting area off the MBR. Looking forward to seeing the landscaping. My guess is Crestwood\Glen Cove.

  • mmm.. cupcakes.. so this is obviously around a bayou.. mmm cupcakes.

  • The only place in the entire city of Houston where I’ve seen one of those white wooden fences (background in the second picture)like the old Carrington Farms on Dynasty is on Saddlebrook, right off Memorial east of Chimeny Rock. I can see former President Bush, a la Blake Carrington, overlooking his fiefdom from his office tower next door.

  • There does seem to be a little rise and fall in the land around this place, and about the only place you find that is by a bayou around here, but most of the obvious bayous have been guessed, so I’m going outside Houston proper. I thought at first that this place could be out west overlooking the Brazos, but there’s no horsey stuff in the house. So I’m going to shift my guess northeast of there to the nearest body of water that will still have older houses and dense vegetation surrounding it. Elnina already said Waller/Tomball, so I’ll add that I think this place is somewhere nestled along Spring Creek. It would be a great place to live if you didn’t have to depend on 290 or 249 or any of those nightmare roads to get in to town!

  • To me it looks like the larger patio homes in the Hudson area off of Memorial. The yard might be too big for that area, but the interior layout and all those trees look right.

  • I agree with the lakehouse guesses…for some reason A-Frame houses like to hang out around lakes. I’m going with Lake Livingston.

  • I’m going to guess Panorama Village. My only motivators being I love the golf course there and that little neighborhood has every architectural style known to man, although I think the soil is too sandy for a cave. Plus, I love saying, “Pan-o-rama!”

  • I can smell Buffalo Bayou and hear the frogs chirping. Stepping out onto that beautiful deck will be hazardous now that it has rained – if the mosquitos don’t kill you, it might be the clouds of gnats that will drive you back indoors.


  • This sucker is on a MONSTROUS lot with tons of pine trees. That could be just about anywhere in the northern fringes of the metro area. How we gonna narrow this down? Well, the furniture and kitchen just SCREAM 80s and the windows, they lead me to believe there’s quite a sight to behold out in the backyard, such as a lake but the trees are too close for that. Creek? Big hill? It also would appear that it is either a two story or the back of the house is raised. Maybe it is just a hill. Can’t be the Woodlands…the setting feels to secluded. Magnolia probably was still waaaaay too far out back in the 80s. Conroe area is kinda trashy, and this is a nice house. Could be non-lakefront property near Lake Conroe, but again, the seclusion would indicate otherwise. Tomball doesn’t seem right either, flat as a pancake out there. Time for the maps…where do we have hills and pine trees, and possibly a water feature on the fringes of 1980s Houston civlization? Kingwood comes to mind, but it isn’t terribly hilly. Further up the road we have Splendora but that seems kinda far out. Panning back to the west it would appear that there’s creeks in them thar hills to the north and west of Tomball proper.

  • Hey wilf- I had to look up Panorama and now I wish it had been my guess. Brilliant!

  • The weather has sapped my strength to snark. Amazingly well kept, late-70s/early-80s home, it’s just stuck in a time warp. Maybe they were trying to get away from it all when they had it built. So, my Land-That-Time-Forgot guess for location is in the Hirsch-Little York-Homestead-Tidwell box (don’t know if the area actually has a name), near Tidwell Park.

  • Uhoh, don’t let the snarkiness level drop!

  • Saddlewood.

  • I’ll go way out on a limb here…..No idea of the neighborhood name, but this reminds me of a cousin’s home down Baytownish that neighbors a bayou/nature preserve. Their master bathroom is very similar, with a more sunken tub.

  • Yeah, Jessica…. I think that you got a close look at the Tombal area:) The lush green and the beautiful view could be very much related to the nearby Spring Creek.

  • The size, style and smell of money make me think The Woodlands but not those cheap McMansion knock-offs. No, you have to drive 30 minutes from I-45 to get to this neighborhood. You are in the “back of the Woodlands”. Sure you may venture out on a weekend and peruse the shops in Market Square but you almost exclusively dine at Amerigos when you want to get out or more usually, next door at the Carlton Woods club house. This house is probably a well placed 9-iron from the fairway of the 8th hole of the Carlton Woods Country Club, you have even seen a drunken oil executive peeing on one of the trees in your yard. Other than that, the riff-raff are kept at bay by the guards in this gated community within The Woodlands allowing you and the Mrs. to stroll the streets without fear of minorities, solicitors or Unitarians.

  • Darn it, the Woodlands is taken, Conroe is taken, even Panorama Village is taken. The woods definitely point to something north or west in Memorial. Woodlands seems too easy, I don’t think Gus would be that obvious.

    I am going to say somewhere in Spring Branch, maybe Hilshire Village. My second guess might be one of those older neighborhoods up in Cypress off of Eldridge.

  • I’m going to say it’s somewhere along Buffalo Bayou. Maybe in one of the Memorial Villages. Built in the 70’s or early 80’s. I’m guessing near Memorial & Piney Point. Near Memorial Drive Prez Church.

    Crave is the best!

  • Hate to bring up the wheelchair thing again, but what are those railings doing in the bath? And the spaces left for extra chairs in the other rooms are telling me that disability has led the homeowner to selling a beloved home. And look at the bookshelves – I’m envious. Almost enough to hold my library.
    I wasn’t going to guess, because all my guesses are taken, but hey, with cupcakes at stake, what do I have to lose? We’ve got a huge lot, topography, that white picket fence (SOOOO the old Memorial Villages), the deciduous as well as coniferous trees…crossing my fingers and saying along Buffalo Bayou below or just west of the Villages: Rivercrest N. of Briar Forest, Sandalwood, Briargrove Park…to Lakeside CC area. Let me know when to start baking my consolation brownies.

  • Seems like Buffalo Bayou area. How about off Briar Drive next to Tanglewood? Maybe a circa 1985 townhouse community. I believe there are 2-3 of them off Briar.

  • i’m going to take an off-the-wall guess. i’ve never seen kingwood mentioned and it’s leafy and green. kinda like a bad 80’s version of the woodlands.

    my vote would be kingwood, probably around the country club.