Neighborhood Guessing Game: Beyond the Pink Horizon

Tuesday is Neighborhood Guessing Game day! And the winner this week gets a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance!

All you need to do is guess where this home is. If more than one of you guesses correctly, the prize will go to the player who provided the best explanation for the guess.

If you already know this home, or if you come across its listing while we’re playing the game, please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the game for all the other hapless guessers. Instead, shoot Swamplot an email with a link to the listing — so we know what you’re up to. Then mess with everyone else by posting an incorrect guess that sounds plausible! If you do this well, you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, that winner could be you!

Here’s the rest of the house:


Think you’ve got it this time? Maybe!

Add your guesses to the comments section below. Answer comes on Thursday!

Update, 1/14: We have a winner!

Photos: HAR

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  • It’s a sad and banal recent build that I’m too depressed to really analyze. Haven’t we seen this house before on the guessing game?

  • I’m going to guess a McMansion in Bellaire.

  • Yawn. Beige.

    Is it my imagination, or did that plastic tree/plant migrate from the boring landing to the boring den?

    What a sterile, sterile house. Could be one of those stucco boxes on a 50×100 lot in West U. Or Breaswood. Or Bellaire.

  • Afton Oaks, either new build or overzealous remodel

  • When I saw the 2 story living room and entry, it was aha! Pearland! And then I saw the cutesy tub, so let’s go to the other end of the city, The Woodlands. Don’t care if it’s banal, I just want the membership to Rice Design Alliance, so, experts, go back into hibernation.

  • The trees outside the bathroom window make me think Spring/Woodlands. Maybe Kingwood/Atastocita…

  • Katy. Or maybe Sugarland.

    Somewhere where someone bought too much house using a too-complex mortgage with too little down payment. Although it doesn’t necessarily look like that was what happened here, but looks can be deceiving.

    Speaking of looks, what is with the bathroom wall lights being mounted in the mirrors?

  • Clearlake! (I have no clue.)

  • How about somewhere over in/near Rice Military? Maybe south of Washington but north of Memorial? The trees are throwing me as is the “ivy” on top of the cabinets. Is this house staged poorly or just not as “fancy” as I think?

  • The girl’s bedroom is the best room in the house. That’s really sad. I have no clue where this house is.

  • Cypress… It could be any one of the houses in Longwood or Coles Crossing.

  • Most.


    I’ll guess West Brookwoodlakeforest

  • oops that was supposed to say:

    “Anonymous” in there

    but I got too fancy with HTML. Sorry!

  • The generic nature of the beast is intended to throw us off. For that reason, I think we are looking at 21st century construction in an old neighborhood. The owners are transferees who were simply amazed at how much more house they could get in Houston. I think this could be in The Heights or Timbergrove.
    And yes, there are generic subdivision homes in those areas.

  • Allegro loves built ins. My guess is the heights between Heights and Studewood, between 6th and 19th.

  • Generic. Poorly staged. Too many small rooms. Weird shapes probably caused by generic McMansion turret and bay window details. If this was expensive, it is because of location, otherwise it’s a hodgepodge of cheap interior finishes trying to look upscale. Weird. Is there only one sink in that “master bath” thing? What’s with the big window and that stupid, dangerous tub? Is that a second kitchen by the breakfast area? Is that an exterior door in the ?master bedroom? The tall trees I see in the bathroom window make me think, oh, I don’t know, northish somewhere, and probably not in a new subdivision. It reminds me of houses in the Lakes of Highland Glen in Pearland, but the trees aren’t that big over there. Call it a five-or-six-year-old spec build in The Woodlands.

  • This looks like a spec home built on an older neighborhood – maybe early 2000s? I think that the builder went for large square footage, and kept the trim simple in order to keep the cost/square foot down. I’d say – Oak Forest.

  • OK this could be crazy and totally way off base but it reminds me of a townhouse I’ve visited SE of the med center, near Almeda/OST area. That entry way does seem a bit too big, but I’m going to make that my wild guess. I know the big trees and foyer probably rule it out, but what the hey. The funny shaped and small-ish rooms could indicate multi-story fancy pants townhouse.

  • I’m guessing Cinco Ranch … the builder tried, but didn’t try hard enough. Looks like someone who may have lived inside the loop/The Heights at one time, but moved out to Katy when they had kids.

  • If that bedroom were not on the second floor, one would think that rising pink floodwaters had done that damage.

    I was also going to guess Spring, since this house looks like a lot of the new stuff up there, but instead I am going to the other end of town – Im guessing this is in the Clear Lake/South Shore Harbor area.

  • My immediate response was Bellaire or West U but looking at it a bit more I don’t think it is and that would be too obvious wouldn’t it??

    This is not a custom -the finishes are not there.

    That nasty downward slope in the “media room” ceiling screams spec house in the suburbs..
    Hard to say but knowing that Weekley builds in the loop I say a Weekley home(customized with the built-ins) on a build on your lot in Braes Heights (or right around there).

  • I’m going to guess southeast (Bay Oaks in CLC) and northeast (the high end subdivision by the dump where they play the Houston Open)

  • Bellaire immediately popped into my head when I first looked at the photos so that is probably the wrong location. Where or where?

  • I think the owners divorced, leaving this sad void behind.

    For an empty, staged home, there are still a lot of knick-knacks in the LR, cookbooks in the kitchen & toys in the playroom… All the “Rooms-To-Go” up and went, but the busy ex-wife still lives here, and has replaced the Master kingsized-bed with the Guest sleigh-bed. In fact, most of the furnishings are her heirlooms, leaving not quite enough stuff to go around; so she made a trip to Garden Ridge for the obligatory greenery to brighten up every damn corner.

    This seems to be a custom, build-on-your-lot home of the late 90s. Though the dark alum windows were already passé by then, the ginormous entry, supersized bathroom, fancy tray ceiling, home theater, black kitchen-island built/stained/distressed on-site, and faux stone are correct.

    That fact that the huge master bath has only one sink & a tiny tub tells me this is not a subdivision home.

    I think it’s in Tomball/Cypress/Waller County, outside of town and on well, hence the bottled water dispenser in the b’fast nook.

  • This feels like a Kickerillo style. All the metal and hardwood. Most likely Lakes of Parkway, could be the Villas by Kickerillo part.