Neighborhood Guessing Game: Books and Movies

The property featured in this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game was suggested by a reader. Can you guess where it is?

If you can, the Rice Design Alliance has been kind enough to offer you a prize: a one-year individual RDA membership. How nice!

What happens if more than one of you guess the correct neighborhood? We’ll award the prize to the player who padded his or her guess with a better explanation.

If you aren’t guessing — in other words, if you know this home already, or if you come across it while we’re playing the game, please don’t post the answer and ruin the competition for everyone else. Instead, send Swamplot an email with a link to the listing — so we know what you’re doing — and then add a clever, well-argued, but incorrect guess. If you do a good job with this, you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood correctly, that winner could be you!

Let’s have a look around, shall we?


Hmmmm . . . where oh where could this home be?

Time to add your guess to the comments! We’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

Update, 3/25: And the results are in!

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  • This faboo-licious 1973 townhouse is near the swinging singles Mid Lane-Galleria area. Note the steeply angled ceiling with rough painted plaster, the white tile on the first floor, and the period detailing in the kitchen and bath. Note too how the bedrooms, kitchen, and bath are all kinda small and we don’t see a dining room. Somebody’s got some bucks, though, there’s been some thought given to the decorating.

  • What would possess someone to choose “candy corn” as a decorating motif?!?!

    The owners must be from Ohio; Browns or Bengals fans……???

  • It looks like it was thoughtfully decorated, and then someone came along with an orange magic marker and scribbled all over it. It does look a lot like to a townhome, but if its 70s vintage, nicely updated (especially kitchen & bath, where it counts).

  • Marmer, you are so often right on, but this time you are way off. The orange in the interior decorizing is a reference to the EXTERIOR. This is one of those townhouses that you find between Washington and the railroad tracks that are painted sort of 70’s-ish orange, terracota, and lime.The owner is young, and there are shelter/ design titles galore on those bookshelves.

  • Easy: Rice Military. Just north of I-10, between Durham and Shepard. Larkin Street, or there abouts.

  • I’m thinking this is a townhouse as well, off Dairy Ashford across rom Stratford HS, maybe on Perthshire or Kimberley.

    Nice updates, although I don’t agree w/ their color scheme. And what gives with the attic access in the bedroom (2nd the last photo)?

  • briar forest/dairy ashford. w houston

  • The decorating was done by someone who isn’t old enough to actually remember the mid-century but knows every nook and cranny of IKEA.

    Gotta go with the Spring Branch. East of Bingle. Too obvious to be right but I don’t want to mess up my streak.

  • I don’t think this is a townhouse. I like Kimmer and finness’s guesses. I think they got the vintage right. Since I don’t want to just repeat their guesses, though, I’ll come up with a fresh guess. I don’t know the name of the subdivision, but I’m going to guess that it is in the area more or less bound by Eldridge, Hwy. 6, Briar Forest and Buffalo Bayou. What is this part of town called?

  • Townhouse probably near Bering or Augusta between Westheimer and Woodway.

  • North of I-10, somewhere between Mason and Fry Road.

  • The design of this looks similar to a townhouse a friend of mine owned. Sort of. Its definitely not hers though. Given the 70s design with an updated feel it has to be in an area that these types of upgrades sell in. I’ll say over by the med centre, Old Spanish Trail area.

  • I think it’s a 70’s vintage home that is a little on the small side for it’s neighborhood. That’s why they can afford some expensive upgrades and not price themselves out of the market. They do know IKEA inside and out because it’s within walking distance of my guess – north of I-10 and east of Wirt. Maybe around Betty Jane Lane.

  • The website would have a quote for this place like, “I know I shouldn’t have stopped taking my Zoloft. The angry popcorn ceilings get closer every day and the gray walls mock my attempts at accent colors. Why doesn’t the dark brown pop?!”
    This place looks like a nicely updated version of the Memorial Parkway homes so many of my h.s. classmates resided.

  • Westbury, W. Airport Rd.

  • No guesses – I just love bozo’s use of the phrase, ” ‘candy corn’ as a decorating motif.”

  • I’m going with Washington Corridor / Sixth Ward.

  • I used to live in a nearly identical but smaller place in College Station. This is a late 70’s or early 80’s townhouse. Most likely part of a 4-plex. I’m going to say this particular model is located around Woodlake Forest (Gessner & Briar Forest).

  • What a cute place. Is this one of those MCM townhomes by Bed, Bath and Beyond near the intersection of Kirby and W. Alabama?

  • I’m guessing the area of town off Stella Link and Braeswood area. Looks like a med school student or young doctor lives here … has that sanitized look about it with the grey walls and hospital waiting room decor.