Neighborhood Guessing Game: Chicken Island

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Kitchen

Think you know Houston Real Estate? Here comes another round of the Neighborhood Guessing Game, where you can prove it . . . or have fun trying!

Rule recap: We show you pictures of a home listed on HAR — but just of the interior. You guess what subdivision it’s in, by adding a comment. If you’re the first to guess the correct neighborhood, you win!

Of course, it’s no fun if everyone is just wildly shouting out the names of neighborhoods . . . so to encourage intelligent discussion, we give special recognition to participants who point out the supporting evidence they see in the photos and otherwise entertain us with their comments.

If you know this home already, please don’t let us know that . . . it kinda spoils the game for everyone else.

Ready for more of this week’s photos? You’ll find them after the jump!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Breakfast Room

You can figure where this one is . . . right? Go ahead . . . point out those clues!

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Extra Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Game Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Study

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Master Bath

Guesses go in the comments. Answer on Thursday!

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  • The hard part for me is trying to figure out if this is a townhouse. I think it is. There is indication that there isn’t a yard since the neighbors are so close and we see a bit of a small patio effect on the side which suggests a t/h. Also, in the last pic you see the roof of the neighbor from the bathroom, which suggests a smaller bungalow next to a larger structure but then other pics appear to have a newer structure next door. Gentrifying area? Rice Military or something close to the WOW roundabout I think…

  • I was really thinking it might be a townhome as well. To me, it looks like the living areas might be on the second floor, but I can’t see outside well enough to know for certain! If it is Rice Military or WOW area, this is one of the older townhomes in the area. I’m tempted to say it’s further west, maybe Galleria or Woodlake.

  • I agree it looks like a 3 story townhome. I think it is very new. Too large and too nice for Rice Military. My gut tells me Tanglewood/Galleria area, but it could be one of the newer Montrose behemoths.

  • I’m not convinced it’s a townhouse. I’m thinking West U McMansion. Probably pretty new, given how bare most of the walls are, and windows without coverings. I think the bedrooms/bathrooms are on the second floor but the sitting area with the tapestry/black couch and the sitting area with the chaise/chess set are both first floor. Not sure about the kitchen/breakfast area but I think they’re on the first floor. There are a LOT of different floor materials in this house, and the master bedroom seems pretty large for a townhome.

  • I am pretty sure it is not a townhouse. Look at that living room. Sure seems to be on the first floor, and it is huge. Isnt that where the garage would be in a TH? Big granite fireplace, impressive details on the ceiling. Kitchen is a mystery. Extensive cabinets, sub-zero, but tile countertops? Or is it just the island that is done on the cheap?

    Sure seems to be a lot line to lot line behemoth. Is that carpet in the bathroom? Hmmm. Really feels like one of the “older” homes in West U. Man, tough one…

  • the kitchen looks like the 80s, so does the bthroom, the ceilings are low in some parts, high in the bedroom – that’s on the second floor, it’s not new, but it’s been remodeled in some areas, it’s got atriums, I’m going to say – it’s a townhouse complex, like Raintree Place? or somewhere in 77056 or 57 zip code. I don’t know. It’s confusing because there is one room, with the painted trim and rug and flagstone floor where the outside looks like a front area atrium, very nice, but then bedroom and kitchen are dated. ok, this is hard, but so fun!!!

  • I don’t think it’s a townhouse, or new for that matter. The vegetation looks too mature, and for townhouses and new construction they usually scrape the lot clean of any living things before starting.

    The brick floor and black appliances in the kitchen say 80s, I think. But the layout feels like 60s, so I’m going to say this is a freshened-up 80s redo of a 60s house.

    French doors to the outside, windows that can actually be opened!

    I just realized that I have no clue where this house is, but those horizontal window panes (i.e. landscape instead of portrait) remind me of a friend’s house out in Wilchester, off of Wilcrest south of I-10.

  • I think it is definitely 80s-ish and 3 levels but probably one of those small lot single family homes, not a townhouse. I’m going to guess near River Oaks.

  • I’m thinking that it’s a patio home intead of a townhouse. The etablished landscaping implies that it’s 10-20 yrs old at least. The eighties looking kitchen and older windows rather conflict with each other. If it were an older home than 80’s though I wouldn’t expect the near zero lot lines apparent. I could see something like this around Crestwood or perhaps in the West U area or further south in the Med Center/inner Braeswood area. There could be any number of areas capable of this east or west of the Galleria area too. I’m stumped as to narrowing it more than that.

  • God, I’m terrible at these. But I’m giving it another shot anyway… :)

    Okay. Definitely an 80s home; no getting around that. The tacky tile on the floor in the study, the basketweave brickwork on the kitchen floor, the gaudy master bath, the white tile on the kitchen island — they all scream 80s.

    That said, the place is huge and at least somewhat updated. I’m also guessing that it’s on three levels, but it looks River Oaks — not West U. The coffered ceiling in the living room and the tray ceiling in the dining rome are very River Oaks touches, as are most of the furnishings (the Oriental rugs, the overstated antiques, the vases and artwork, etc.).

    I’m definitely going with River Oaks here, the old 019. But since it’s newer, I’m going with an area further to the east of the older, more established homes by the country club, more of the Upper Kirby district almost. That’s about all I’ve got… o_O

  • The furnishings do look like “money”. How about one of the older neighborhoods north of Rice? But then the houses are too old there. :(

  • I am going to have to say it is in Westhaven Estates in the neighborhoods around Nantucket and Potomac streets. I remember jogging past and drooling at all of these huge elaborate patio home type thingies when I lived in a cruddy condo on Augusta in the “poor” side of the neighborhood right out of college……..

  • A home in West University, the windows in the family room give it away.