Neighborhood Guessing Game: Coke Is Served

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Bar

Back again . . . with the Neighborhood Guessing Game! Where on earth is this place? Okay, where in Houston?

New to these contests? Check out the rules. Then have a gawk or two at all these photos below:


Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Entry

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Fireplace

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Bar

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Kitchen

Have an inkling what neighborhood this might be?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Paneling

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 26: Bathroom

That’s it! Your guesses go in the comments below. The answer arrives on Thursday.

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  • Am I first? This is a toughie. At first I thought it was a generic upper-mid-price tract subdivision house. But in looking at the room sizes, especially the tiny kitchen and bathrooms, I’m thinking that this is a 60’s one-story rancher that someone threw a lot of money at, with maybe not the best of taste. That tiny, slippery, handrail-less stair up to the bathtub may be the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen in a house.
    OK. Old house, high land value. Memorial, near Dairy Ashford.

  • The bathrooms are enough to make me go to church and ask for forgiveness. Burglar bars in the dining room? My first thought was to say North or West Houston. I am now thinking closer to Hobby Airport.

  • I am going to take a stab and say Bellaire (on the dodgy side closer to Sharpstown).
    My gut after the first picture was suburbia, but after looking at the size of the house and burgler bars I am going to shoot for Bellarie towards Sharpstown and the Bayou…

  • I want to say 3rd ward area. Somewhere near finger furniture and Frenchys. Lets go with between North MacGregor and Old Spanish Trail.

  • Looks like grandma died and the kids looted the house before putting it on the market. This place is an accident ready to happen, oh, maybe she did a slip and fall getting into the “grotto” tub. If she did, they did a great job cleaning up. What is up with the knick-nacks on the shelving in the bathroom? This place must have been the sizzle back in the early 80’s with all the shiny tile and wood paneling, before they pulled up the shag carpet. I love the shingled roof on the bar, classy. Too bad all the kids left was some old Coca-Cola collectibles, and swiped all the Harvey’s Bristol Cream, Malibu Rum, and low priced Cognac. With all the updates to a sagging 70’s ranch in a neighborhood in decline, my vote is for Sharpstown.

  • Shiny block paneling? That was very 70s early 80s. Is that trash compactor color Almond? The tub fixtures exude 1976 – had them in my bath growing up! They’re missing the chic interchangeable inset on the left knob(one of 4 colors) that came with the set. I’m wondering if the tiles in the baths were later ‘upgrades’. You know that den would have had carpet all over it. I’m leaning toward Inwood Forest. Have we been tricked there lately?

  • Missed the burglar bars. Going with Hillcroft/Richmond area. Briarmeadow?

  • Antoine and Little York. The only thing missing is the freestanding ashtrays!

  • Looks 70’s or early 80’s to me and maybe updated in the 80’s but not since then. Definitely out in the burbs but I am not familiar with the style (all that glossy wood paneling gives me the willees). The neighborhood must not be hot or they would have done some updating (must be expensive to replace all that crazy blue tile). I am going with Kingwood or maybe Champions Forest.

  • Dunno, can’t we get something awesomer like last week? I’m throwing down with Tanglewood… non-updated tear-down.

  • There have been some good guestimations already. It looks like this was decently done woodworking for back in the late 70’s. That being said, this could be in Sharpstown, or one of the last sections of Oak Forest, Timbergrove, Shepherd Park Plaza, Inwood, off of Braeswood somewhere, even some of the older neighborhoods off of 1960 could be home to this bastion of out dated chic.

  • OMG; I am so not picturing Coca-Cola. The decor is dated, but it would be a LOT less objectionable if everything weren’t so SHINY! I’m surprised the photographer didn’t go blind after the first flash. And those tub steps? Wonder if Grandma moved away after a broken hip.

    I do like the comment about free-standing ashtrays. My dad had a big brass pedestal one, with an arched handle so you could move it around.

    A friend’s condo (built 1981) has that exact oven. I’m thinking nice enough to be built (or redone) late 70s, with several coats of high-gloss polyurethane since then. Burglar bars say not so hot area now. Inwood Forest.

  • Glenshire?

  • Champions… er, Champion Forest, or somewhere deep northwest. On the way to Tomball.

  • I like the Tanglewood guess, but I also like Westchase (Westheimer and Gessner-ish) and Willowbend out on the Southwest side of town between Meyerland and 8.

  • I’m thinking Braeswood area – if I have to be really specific, Maplewood? I wonder if you get a case of Murphy’s Wood Oil Soap with purchase…the maid is really not going to like this one.

  • Probably Champions Forest, 1960 area, late 70’s, early 80’s construction…wood paneling gives it away

  • I just had a brain wave – could this place be in Fondren Southwest? Very sneaky not giving us pictures of any bedrooms!

  • No fair closing the drapes! What about off 249 near Cypresswood? Is that techincally Cypress or is that Champions or what?