Neighborhood Guessing Game: Country Charm

Here’s the latest installment of the Neighborhood Guessing Game. If you play it right, you can win a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance!

All you have to do: Guess the location of the home in the photos. If more than one of you guesses correctly, the prize will go to the player who provided the best explanation for the guess.

If you come across the listing for this home, or if you know of it already, please don’t ruin the game for everyone else. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing. Then post an incorrect guess — but make it sound plausible. If you’re able to throw other players off the scent, you’ll earn special recognition when the answer is announced. And if nobody guesses the correct neighborhood, you could win the prize yourself!

Here are a few more photos:


Got a good image of the place? Good! But does it include these rooms?

Enough with the photos. Now go add your guesses in the comments! And don’t forget to check back Thursday for the answer!

Update, 10/8:
Did you think it was here? Well, it is!

Photos: HAR

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  • Well this sure isn’t in the Museum district. I’m gonna take a stab at somewhere out in Montgomery County.

  • Are cities/neighborhoods located in far Southeast Texas included within the geographic boundaries of this game? If so, I’m going with Silsbee, Jasper, Woodville, or other similarly located “Big Thicket” towns.

    If these places are too far afield, then I guess I’ll say Liberty, Conroe, Tomball, or Sealy.

    If I have to be pinned down to just one location, I guess I’ll go with Conroe, since I don’t see any crack pipes (thus eliminating Liberty), ATV’s (thus eliminating Tomball), or wild chickens (thus eliminating Sealy) in the pictures.

    Plus, that sleigh bed looks like it may be from Bubba’s Beds, which is at least near Conroe (although I know that they do have a location in Tomball), and all that wood just screams “National Forest” to me.

    That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to be completely wrong and find out that the place is really in Katy, Pearland, or (god forbid) West U.

  • “Kilt him a bar when he was only three…” Magnolia is perfect for this country version of a double-wide.

  • I live in the country and I can tell you that no self-respecting country-liver would have a stove that proudly proclaims “Country Charm.” Let’s hope this is Kabin Kitsch at Lake Livingston? Please tell me it’s not within the Houston city limits.

  • Well lets see..there is a Tiger/Liger on the top bunk bed, so Conroe,Katy, and Sealy are in play. The finger painting on the fireplace has all 5 fingers, so that rules out Conroe. Lets go with Katy, i think ive seen that furniture in the latest Bass Pro Shop catalog.

  • Looks like someone’s country weekend place. I like all the north and west guesses too; in fact I’ve seen a place very similar to this in Wharton. Just to think out of the box, though, I’m gonna say that this is a 1920’s/30’s hunting lodge or camp in Memorial that some wealthy family preserved on their land as a guest house.

  • I’m thinking Unabomber.

  • I think this listing was chosen because it would draw picks from up north. This country charmer is in Alvin.

  • Kitsch and pastiche rolled into one… ugh! For some reason I have a feeling this is a run-of-the-mill Heights (east side towards I45) bungalow that has been converted into a ye olde farmstead via knotty pine and kitschy what-not. This smacks of urbanites rusticating… and feeble rusticating at that.

  • 5757 Kirby interior maids quarters/walk in humidore.

  • Probably Tomball- ‘in town’- off Main St/FM2920….

  • I’m going for Lake Jackson. The building looks like it holds more meth and pot stashes than you can shake a knobby, half-whittled stick at.

  • Fingerpaints on the mantle, a box of Huggies in the bedroom and is that something by Fisher Price in the fireplace? Definitely kids in the picture, but the amount of detritus isn’t consistent with full-time presence.
    Since the huggies are in one picture and what I assume is the changing area is in another, I’m thinking those two photos of kids’ beds are actually of the same room.
    Since there’s clearly no evidence of a woman’s touch, I’m guessing Dad moved to the hunting cabin in the Richmond/Rosenburg area after the divorce.

  • All I can say is wow. All the wood reminds me of Cracker Barrel. I’m going with Porter/New Caney on this one.

  • Wilf, this is not Lake Jackson. Lake Jackson went straight from swamp to mid-century modern. From prison farm and plantation to “better living through chemistry” thanks to Dow Chemical. There was never a cutesy rural phase.

  • Near Lake Houston. East side of the lake, north of FM 1960.

  • Naughty knotty pine-o-rama.
    The stove is a prop. The fingerpaints are from grandkids. The whole point here is to get us to say obvious things and then watch our dismay as it ends up being South Braeswood or something.
    I will say League City for no reason whatsoever.

  • I agree with the stabs at old communities outside of town because it looks like a genuine 1870s, hipped roof, four-square. But I think it’s a thoughtful reconstruction for weekend use (also outside of town, Pinehurst between Tomball and Magnolia.)
    The bones are old and I envision came from around San Felipe, Wallis or East Bernard. The exterior walls are pine and could well be logs, hewn to square: Sure looks like pointing between them, and the outlet boxes are cut horizontally out of the middles. Look at the lovely wide plank floors! 24”centers for roof joists looks right.
    So, the place was moved & reconstructed in the 1970s “way, way out” on a deer lease on the NW side. It is dated by the ovens, exterior doors, ‘old-looking reused’ brick so popular then, drapes and schmaltzy framed pictures.
    Also the wall, separating the bedrooms from living space, is newer, yellower pine, the walls have been trimmed to the roof joists in a modern manner, the wide cypress boards at the fireplace are hard/expensive to come by anymore and were probably salvaged 30 years ago. Also the carpentry is so-so & not original to the house.
    Well, you can’t discharge firearms half mile from 249 anymore & there’s no wood to chop, so it’s become a divorced dad’s den: Cache of unmatched furniture, tower of old audio components, TV above the fireplace, ‘light-the-wrapper‘ log. The only signs of life are the part-time kids and their stuff. If two sets of twins won’t kill a marriage, nothing will.

  • I guess Pettitcoat Junction.

  • Bad case of cabin fever. I say New Caney.

  • So….much….wood….paneling. And did they buy that stove from an old Grandy’s? Goodness gracious….maybe this is in Manvel?

  • This place is small and the plan is fairly open. It’s probably a second home. I’m going to go against the knotty pine grain and guess that it’s actually a beach house in Galveston that managed to survive Ike.

  • Splendora splendor.

  • All that wood…..somewhere high & dry and doesn’t flood very often. I’ll say Magnolia.

  • I’m thinking these moonshine pushers are somewhere in the Hempstead area.
    The backyard is a toy graveyard of doll heads, rubber floaties, big wheels, and plastic picnic tables.
    To cool off, the fam’ sips root beer and climbs a short ladder into their above ground pool.
    Country livin’ at it’s finest, sign me up.

  • OMG! Swamplot has discovered my weekend getaway shack!!

  • All that pine reminds me of a certain company’s fishing cabin/executive retreat on the bay out I-10 east. So, for no other reason than that, I’ll go with somewhere near Baytown.

  • Carson City, NV comes to mind…. Chop! Chop! Hop Sing!

  • Magnolia, if it hasn’t been said yet.