Neighborhood Guessing Game: Design Stars

It’s time for yet another Neighborhood Guessing Game, in which Swamplotters compete for fabulous prizes — or, as is the case this sponsor-free week — for uh, fame and glory.

How can you win your moment in the sun? By going inside this home, poking around, then telling us all where it’s located. If more than one of you pinpoint the correct neighborhood, we’ll declare the player who provided the best explanation for the guess the winner.

This is, of course, a guessing game. If you’re not guessing — if you know this house already, or if you come across it searching online — please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the game for everyone else. Instead, how about having a little fun with it? Send Swamplot an email with a link to the listing, then submit an incorrect guess — the kind that’s likely to throw other players off track. If you do this well, you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, that winner could be you!

And now, the rest of the photos:


Hmmm . . . what else is there to see here?

You can figure it out! Add your guesses in the comments. And come back to learn the answer — we’ll post it on Thursday.

Photos: HAR

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  • To Kitchens? I see a garage apartment or a duplex. I’m thinking 1940s. I’ll be vague and go Heights.

  • Oops! Two kitchens?

  • I’m feeling like Oak Forest’s time has come.

  • Oak Forest, Spring Branch or Westbury, most likely. The bottom kitchen is the original kitchen. House was added onto in the 70’s. Something about the layout and all the window units makes me want to guess Pasadena for some reason, but only half the decor says Pasadena to me. It’s sort of a mix of grandma and fresh outta college (from two different decades) Hmmm…. Could this be a duplex?

  • It’s not a duplex. It’s a larger house built in front of an older, smaller one on a large lot. The bottom five pictures are of the old house, which is a classic early 1950-ish tract house, without central air or heat. Look at the variety of temperature-modulating devices in that bedroom. A fan, a freestanding heater, a window unit, and what looks like a one-blade ceiling fan (!) The larger house is in front and has a more open floor plan with a larger living and dining room and central air. The larger house is not so very new, maybe mid-60s from the look of that front door and the picture windows. Where? North, south, west, or east enough to have that kind of land. Something about it says north to me, I’ll call it Humble.

  • I’ll go with the two houses on one lot, perhaps a garage conversion theory. (Marmer- you are a great detailologist!) At least a couple of IKEA lamps says near NW to me, as in the Hempstead/Bingle part of town. I don’t even know what that is called. Anybody?

  • Marmer, you make some very convincing points. This add-on/compound/duplex/whatever is somewhere in the oldest part of Garden Oaks, in the high 30’s or low 40’s east of N. Shepherd.

  • Garden Oaks for sure- you can’t get that amount of square feet that close to town coupled with those “fancy” furnishings. The bathroom tile and paneling shows its age screams garden oaks.

  • Spring Brancho fer shure dudes!!! i can smell the kimche and labor pools from here

  • I’ll guess that it’s a duplex or couple of garage apartments north of Montrose….maybe W Clay/Dunlavy area.

  • cute house with the bastard garage apartment. it HAS to be somewhere off of navagation.. eastside of downtown..

  • I’ll come out of left field and say Garden Villas. It has that vibe.

  • Hempstead/Bingle part of town. I don’t even know what that is called. Anybody?


  • I’ll venture something around 45 and Parker.

  • Somewhere in Montrose, perhaps. Maybe north of Westheimer, around Commonwealth/Waugh.

  • I think it is Spring Valley/Spring Branch area.