Neighborhood Guessing Game: Draped

Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Parlor

The reader who suggested the subject of this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game warned that the property may be “too obvious.” Do you recognize this home? If you do, please read the rules carefully before you write any comments!

If you haven’t seen this place before, study the photos below. Then send us your guess! Where is it?


Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Bedroom

Got it all figured out? And what about these rooms?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Meeting Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Entertainment

Neighborhood Guessing Game 19: Pool

Your friendly neighborhood guesses, as always, go in the comments. Check back Thursday for the answer!

Photos: HAR

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  • Are they expecting a shooting? I mean, with all the plastic on the furniture.

  • Got it.

    The drop ceilings, the steel beam kickouts on the walls, the plastic chandeliers, the ‘media’ room with microwave stand and cafe-style seating, the fantasy executive boardroom with ‘conference’ table, and the executive exercise pool…

    This is the Corporate Crimes wing of the Federal Prison near Beaumont where they sent Andy Fastow. The drapes and mini-blinds are covering the bars.

  • So luxurious! It’s got to be River Oaks. I thought they sold the di Portanova place. Is Tilman Fertitta leaving town?

  • I know, I know! It’s Jim MacIngvale’s corporate apartment at Gallery Furniture, right? I totally nailed it again this week…

  • You totally crushed it… I’m going with Mattress Mac’s home away from home///

  • The Mattress Mac apartment looks like a shoo-in. What I wanna know is, what were the concerts advertised on those rainbow posters in the media room? Those posters are the kind most often found nailed up on telephone poles in modest neighborhoods, advertising shows in local joints.

  • Ok, so if I am right I have to give all credit to Chris and Chuckles – but I am going with Matress Mac and Matress Linda’s new apartment they just moved into (per HBJ) at Westside Tennis Club. Or it is one of those put your plane in your backyard hanger subdivisions either at Hooks Airport or up in Waller County……..

  • Fake chandeliers, indoor pool, blacked out ‘meeting’ room for all your devotees…this is DEFINATELY Joel Olsen’s place. I can see Victoria’s hand all over that formal living room. All that is missing is a white tiger on leash, with a crucifix on his collar.

  • Of course, it should read Joel Olsten, from Lakewood…sorry, I was too exicted to post, and missed a letter.

  • The color scheme of the posters in the second to last photo looks Reggae. And I think there are pictures of African American people in the bedroom. I also can’t get over the ceiling panels, the tile floors, and the matching color schemes. I’m thinking Riverside or Third Ward.

  • That place looks crazy…it’s some kind of warehouse by the size and the ceiling. I’m still going with my original guess of somewhere near Sharpstown.

  • I was all like “finally, an old ranch from Old Braeswood!” until I got to the conference rooms and then the pool. Not Old Braeswood!

    Maybe it’s an executive suite at the old Downtown Y?

  • I am going to guess this is some type of “retreat” facility. Perhaps it was Plan B for the Heaven’s Gate Followers. You know in case the punch wasn’t “spiked” enough – they could all go here and die a quick death by monotone.

  • House…or Funeral Home?

  • i just can’t take the suspense. the ceiling tiles are what makes this difficult. my guess is it’s some sort of God awful furniture showcase off of Fondren or Harwin. My second guess is that it’s part of a university like TSU or HBU as living space for a lucky professor with excellent taste out there and also doubles as student space with that break room with the reggae posters and indoor pool.