Neighborhood Guessing Game: Flower Glass

This week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game will follow our revised rules again: You win if you can guess where the pictured home is! (If more than one player guesses the correct neighborhood, the player who provided the best explanation wins.)

If you already know this home, or if you come across it on HAR, you can play too — but only if you’re willing to be a little tricky. Just send us an email with a link to the listing so we know what’s up, then add an incorrect guess to this post that’s misleading enough to throw the other players off. If you do it well, you’ll win special recognition for your efforts. If you know this home but don’t want to play the game that way, then please stay out of this round so others can have a chance.

That’s it! The rules are easy, and playing is easy. But winning is tough. Are you ready to play?


Think you’ve got this one all figured out now, dontcha? Then go ahead and make that wild guess!

The clues are in your . . . monitor! Add your guesses in the comments section below. The answer comes to Swamplot on Thursday!

Update: Here’s your answer!

Photos: HAR

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  • Memorial just outside the beltway (eg. Wilcrest/Dairy Ashford area).

    A late 1970’s/early 1980’s two story with angular vaulted ceilings, dated tile and cabinets, and a yard big enough for a pool (but not too big) suit that are just fine.

    I don’t think I could go into this home without resisting the urge to peel off the hideous wallpaper in the bathroom.

  • Gawd, I LOVE plastic stained “glass”… and vaulted ceilings in my master bathroom. Oh, look… more stained plastic above the back door and above the ‘mini’ bar in my media room. Wait there is more plastic blinds and plastic counter tops in the bath. It’s everywhere….
    The whispered investment tip in “The Graduate” was correct… “Plastics”, hoever I think this little townhouse off Newcastle and Bissonnet is not for me.

  • This is my first time playing because I too am a fan of plastic stained glass. Nothing screams class like a yellow daffodil above a jacuzzi tub. My guess is Spring.

  • Do townhomes ever have pools in the back? I’d sure be willing to call this one if they do. Sure is tall to have such small rooms. Judging from the 80s decorating and colors, I’d say that this little two-story belongs to an energy executive who took his buyout, sold the big house, and quietly retired to a patio home in the Westchase area. His wife has a Lowe’s card and knows the paint specialists by name, and they enjoy spoiling their grand-daughter with stuffed animals.

  • Vaulted and popcorn ceilings, 70s cabinetry, crucifix in the bedroom — southeast Houston outside the Beltway — Sagemeadow or Sageglen.

  • This has to be the woodlands. I say late 80s built by Ryland homes. The pool that close to the backdoor makes me think small lot. Can find some of those in the older parts of panther creek. I have nothing clever to say today. All out of clever. Thats my guess.

  • Oh goody; snark-worthy decor. Too bad I find myself short on snark at the moment. I do have to comment on the twin vanities in the floral bathroom, however. Seriously–WTF?

    Maybe it’s those vanities, but something about this place says “Fort Bend County” to me. I’m gonna guess Quail Valley.

  • This is definitely late 80’s – early 90’s construction IMHO. Doncha just love all of the knotty pine, cheesy wallpaper, cheesier faux stained glass, gawdy paint schemes, crappy cultured marble sink lavs, the list goes on and on. This could be in so many of a myriad of outlying subdivisions it’s not even funny… Katy, Spring, Woodlands, Pearland, Fort Bend, this list goes on and on too. Let’s go out on a limb here and say….. near Spears Road and Veterens Memorial. There’s crap like this out there too. Actually, this could be a decent looking house with some tasteful updating. I know….. let’s mount some dead animals on a few walls! Of course there’d be pink wallpaper behind the glaring antelope.

  • 1980s construction with knotty pine ceiling, “antique brass” ceiling fans & door hardware, almond outlet covers, stained wood cabinets, and laminate kitchen counters. The house visible through the living room window gives a hint at the age of the neighborhood. Also, the room sizes are small by contemporary standards, leading me to believe this is an older suburban mcmansion. This house could be in a number of places, but I’m going with one of the 1980s subdivisions off of Dixie Farm Road.

  • OK, scrolling quickly over the previous guesses without looking…this an early-to-mid-’80’s suburban mugwump in a neighborhood now softened by maturing trees. Those Palladian windows; textured 8′ ceilings; delusions-of-grandeur kitchen cabinets with jazzy black tile accents; faux-country bathroom stylings including, yes, marbuluxe vanity tops (and one breathtakingly large custom daffodil); dramatic vaulted upstairs ceilings, and humdrum doors, windows and fixtures shriek Anywhere, Houston circa 1982. My guess is the newer parts of Missouri City/Sugar Land, off Highway 6 and the powerline easement. Kudos to the current occupants who had good fun with color in the rooms.

  • Looks more 70’s than 80’s to me. Mission Bend.

  • Holy Mary, Mother of Daffodil, where to start? The popcorn, the flower, the pine cabinets, the headache I have! How about Champions? I am so bad at this game, but love the snarky comments.

  • I know this one. My friends N & T lived off Briarforest, just inside Highway 6, back in 1981. The house was about 10 years old and had many of these “amenities.” So, that’s my guess.

  • The wallpaper! And glass! I am going to say that this is a 1.5 story in Oak Forest…

  • Holy Hobby Lobby Batman, what is up with this Joker?

    For some reason I want to say Copperfield area, or general Bear Creek HWY 6 vicinity.

    It could be anywhere, anywhere of late 80’s to early 90’s vintage where island kitchens, pretentious bathrooms and an appalling lack of taste reign.

    My second tier guess would be somewhere more south, like the Blackhawk area.

  • I have a headache, too.
    Yep: personality, but so disjointed…

    These say 1980s to me:
    windows with low sills, drywall returns, tiny little transoms, black appliances, tympanum Levolour shade in Master.

    “Things that make me go ‘70s:”
    heavy ceiling texture, shiny, built-on-sight cabinets & plywood/applied-molding ‘paneling’, small baseboard , chair rail & crown, white 4×4 ceramic bath surround, bold stained glass (I don’t see how folks can tell it’s plastic… looks like HO has a hobby)

    I’m guessing it’s owner-designed in the 80s. What architect would ever ever draw up a tall, pointy, multi-sided bathroom with trapezoidal cabinets, and both angled and rounded windows with varying sill-heights?!
    Heavy & shiny textured walls and ceilings may have no longer been generally popular but were HO’s favorite things! Perhaps HO was a drywall contractor.
    I’ll posit: The 1960/Cypress area off 249 – pre-Compaq – when subdivision lots were available for self-built homes.

  • burbs baby burbs. oy – that bathroom with those stained glass windows. someone is into home renovations – 20 years ago! when it’s in the burbs, it’s hard to tell because it could be anywhere, but you have to age it. that island in the kitchen with the tile says 15 to 20 years ago. low ceilings, no moldings, it’s a tract home with updates for the time – the tile instead of formica. that living room furniture – those leather couches should be banned out of existence!!!! I’m going to say – down 59, either Missouri City or First Colony!!!

  • you know time has gotten away from me! I mean we are already 9 years into the 2000s, so by age, I meant to say 80s all the ways. I was going by the year 2000, not almost 2010, sorry!!!