Neighborhood Guessing Game: Gone Fisheye

Hey, how about another round of the Neighborhood Guessing Game? There’s a membership in the Rice Design Alliance on the line this time!

Here’s how you can win it: Just guess the location of the pictured home. If more than one of you guesses the correct neighborhood, we’ll send that one-year individual RDA membership to the player who provided the best explanation for the guess.

If you have already seen this home or its listing, or if you find it while we’re playing the game, please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the fun for everyone else. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing — so we’ll know what you’re up to. Then submit an incorrect guess — but make it seem plausible. If you do this well, you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual location, you could end up with the prize!

Have a look around:


Got the angle on this place yet?

All you need to do now is add your guess — in the comments! We’ll post the answer on Thursday!

Update, 11/5: Here‘s the answer!

Photos: HAR

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  • It appears to be a townhouse. The question is where. Maybe I’ll let someone else win this week.

  • Just from my initial peruse through the photos, two things immediately caught my eye; the window placement and the curved walls in the dining room and just past the kitchen. Noticing these items, I am certain that this is a recently constructed contemporary/modern home. On closer inspection, I noticed that through the four windows in the living room, I can see that the property has been landscaped with an abundance of tropical plantings, consisting of large green leafy foliage. From the size of the landscaping, I would estimate that this home was built somewhere around 2005 or 2006. Although I don’t see any, I would bet my first Gin & Tonic of the morning that the property has its fair share of palm trees.

    From the photo of the master bedroom, again looking out the windows, this photo also gives two clues to location! Out these windows, you see mature trees both on this property as well as across the street. This indicates that the home is located in an established neighborhood, maybe from the 30’s to the 50’s. The second, and most important clue, is the slope of the street running in front of the home (bottom of the middle window). I can tell that the road slopes down to the left! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

    This home is located in Braes Heights, what should be Section 9. I am sure it is located on one of the streets that run North or Northwest from N Braeswood Blvd, between Stella Link and Buffalo Speedway. My guess would be that the home is within five to 10 lots North of N. Braeswood Blvd. Another clue, which I almost missed, is the framed diplomas located in the open cabinets in the study. These diplomas look just like those that hang behind my Dr’s desk. My theory is that the owner is a Dr who does ER work, thus the close proximity of Braes Heights to the Med Center is perfect.

  • Someplace where lovely old ranch houses and majestic oak trees are being mowed down and replaced by hideous zero lot line boxes coveted by nouveau riche douchebags. (Only this douchebag spent all his riches on the mortgage and had to buy his furniture at IKEA.) My guess is the area around Highland Village – Drexel and San Felipe?

  • Definitely a townhouse. Inside the loop. Not very large and build recently. That’s vague, I know. But I need a bit more time to think about more precise location :)

  • Could it be the house over on Brogden Road in Memorial? I have seen the house on the market a few times, and the window placement seems about right…..

  • Whoa…urp…the swirls of that kitchen rug and the zoom of the lens force me to run upstairs to one of those uber-neutral bathrooms. Gotta use a fisheye to get the specs of this Southampton/Rice Village full-lot contemporary.

  • I am not into modern but it is tastefully decorated in a minimalist fashion. I need a win. Midtown.

  • First, I’ll go with somewhere off Washington Ave. Second, St. George’s Place, so many townhomes over there.

    One of those new modern townhomes with all of the slate tiles on the exterior.

    This house must have been built recently. There are a few too many textures in this place….cement floors, granite and marble counters, and the ubiquitous “tumble stone” backsplashes. Also, the rug in the bedroom seems to keep showing up in the NGG houses. You would also have to sell the dining room table with the house…what else could work there?

  • It’s one of those three story townhomes built in Hyde Park.

  • Nice fisheye lens… very modern townhouse… I’m guessing Cottage Grove

  • I’ll guess that this townhome is north of Fairview, east of Dunlavy, near Wilson Elementary and my favorite resale store, the Guild. I don’t know what the neighborhood is called.

  • I’m guessing east of the Rice Military area. Possibly between Shepherd and Waugh, just south of Washington. Maybe around Feagan St.?

  • From looking out the windows in the master, if mojo jojo isn’t correct with Braes Heights, then it has to be Timbergrove, over in the section around Shelterwood and Shirkmere……

  • Well, obviously inside the loop. The timbergrove guess is way off, that section only has 2 builds that could be classified as contemporary, and they dont fit this bill at all. Its far far too cramped to be Braes. Though the fisheye is trying its best. I was gonna say Montrose/Hyde Park, but judging by the kitchen amenities, it is more upscale. I am thinking someone near the Museum District, East of Rice where the ritzy townhomes are. Theres also a very good chance this could be in Camp Logan. Another hot spot, for not just nice town/patio homes, but high dollar ones.

  • I’m thinking a contemporary townhouse in the Heights. I just saw a bunch of that kind of thing on the AIA tour. In spite of the trees, I’m guessing that the real view out the master bedroom window is of downtown, so somewhere near White Oak, or maybe near Houston Street. Nice finishes and nice views make up for sort of a small footprint and a little bit cramped quarters. I am most assuredly NOT feeling the love for the fisheye lens. I think I need to go have my eyes straightened now.

  • I’m not so sure that I should have been reading this while eating breakfast. I feel like I’ve been underwater for the last five minutes.

    I think this is a townhouse just east of Memorial Park, south of Washington, north of Memorial, near Westcott.

  • NorhillJoe:… minimalist?? really? too much furniture, too many finishes.. its all so confusing. i’ll say rice military.

  • Looks like somewhere near Memorial park…perhaps in the “River Oaks” area, or somewhere in the upper west Washington Ave/Rice Military vicinity.

  • I am going to say this townhouse is near Winter Street (Sawyer/ Houston/ Washington/ Memorial)area due the the view out of the master bedroom. You can see an older and much smaller house across the street so this looks to be a transitional area for sure. The furniture is not top of the line also pointing towards a transitional area.

  • I have never had a house make me seasick before.
    Too wooded for the Montrose and other places, but there are curbs, so that eliminates much of the Washington Corridor. This is detached but what Bessa said. I am going Sunset Heightsish- within a miles of the Aurora Picture Show.
    (Come on Lady Luck – Baby needs a new pair of views)

  • I’m going to guess somewhere near the Kirby Whole Foods – is that called upper kirby? Somewhere close enough to walk to the Wine Bucket.

  • I’m also going with Rice Military area. Is it on Calle de Caca in that ridiculously overpriced Caceres development? Probably not with all that vegetation…but I just wanted to make fun of that entire complex.

  • Thank You Scott! I am so going to steal your Calle de Caca.

  • A clue for you all. Look out the windows in the one bedroom.

  • Looks like one of the new town homes being built in Shady Acres around the west end of 14th St where it splits.

  • Crap. If this were in Rice Military or any of the other crowded townhouse communities, the neighbors would be in view. It’s probably a newly built free-standing townhouse, somewhere in the Heights area. But crap. Where in the Heights? North heights… Sunset Heights, Shady Acres… within a mile of 610, maybe even close to 45. Yes. That’s my guess.

  • This place is quite new and looks huge & out-of-place on its street, where it is haunted by the Ghost of Little Homes Past.
    I’m sure I’d have to HATE IT even though it’s warm and livable on the inside.
    There aren’t any children here. Also, the elec. bill is enormous due to all the halogen bulbs.
    Off Quitman.

  • Has anyone guessed EdDo yet? And what about just north of downtown, like Summer/Winter/Houston Streets?

  • EaDo is a good guess…but I live in that area and you don’t see too many trees like that. But I could be wrong. I would also say somewhere north of I-10, Fifth Ward-ish area. Maybe.

  • Downtown, Midtown, inside loop6 seems to be the right location, but something tells me that it will be just to easy. Knowing Gus, I suspect some unexpected twist here :)

  • Actually this does look like one of the Caceres townhouses. The finishes, touches and quality of most everything in Caceres is top notch, but it all comes with a price… a big one. The one thing these Caceres townhouses seem to mostly have is a very stupidly laid out kitchen. That’s a nice high end stove, but putting the kitchen in a line makes no sense to me. It also ruins the ambiance of the kitchen. Why spend all of that money and then blow the deal on the kitchen layout? The houses in the subdivision are all really nice that I’ve seen. Personally, I’ll take Rice Military and my view of downtown for a fraction of the price. I’ll trade my crappy GE profile stove for that one any day though…. and I’ll run the plumbing for the pot filler.

  • Looks like a recently new townhouse, with somewhat modern looking furnitures. Probably somewhere between Montrose and the museum district area.

  • Another clue are those little square windows high up in that hallway leading to the living room.

  • I am so not into modern, but I have to admit that I like this place. Rice Military would have been my guess if 10 people hadn’t gotten to it first. I’ll say Jackson Hill or West End.

  • There appear to be curbs across the street which would knock out several neighborhoods.

    I think I’ll go with the letter M.

  • It has that Montrose/Menil/Museum District look but the house across the street is what is puzzling. The lot and house could be Montrose. Or somewhere in the Heights or the Timbergrove Manor area. Definitely a nice neighborhood with nice older homes. Just something about that house. It doesn’t have the Rice Military feel. It’s either a free-standing townhome or an end unit. A narrow one so I go with an end unit. The little square windows have that
    “M” look so I still like the letter M.

  • Scott needs to win comment of the day with the ‘Calle de Caca’ comment.