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  • The tilted cross on the mantle, the dead animal skull with uneven horns, the all-white paint job reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — where do you find these things? Is there a checkbox in the advanced search on HAR or ZipRealty for “wacky/tacky interior design”?

    The bathtub looks like the dunking booth, er, baptismal font, at Covenant Baptist Church. Oh, and another dead animal on the floor!

  • The preponderance of wood trim is disturbing…was this owned by a sales rep from Bison?

    Wood floors everywhere even in the bathroom!

    Is the cannon outside the window a feint to Bunker Hill? Well I’m not falling for it… Something about it says Heights, but I’m going with Cottage Grove…

  • Hmmm, looks like a Heights bungalow, but seems to be too wide a house, and has too much green space between it and adjacent houses. Could it be in old town Sugar Land, or maybe in Shoreacres? Either that, or maybe in Woodlands Heights, Norhill area??

  • This looks like a two story since some of the trees out the windows dont appear to be at ground floor. It definitely has the feel of a very old home that has been updated. In white. Do you get a strait jacket with your cannon? I agree it looks like the Heights, but not Woodland. I’m going with the Heights north of 11th. I would date this 1920’s with plenty of updates since we typically dont see a kitchen and family room sharing the same floor space. I think a wall or two has been knocked down in this redo.

  • Wacko house. I’m going to take a stab and guess something inside the loop just east of 45 in one of those old bungalow type subdivions south of downtown. The bedroom looks like some wacky quasi religious shrine.

  • Eastwood. Maybe Idylwood. There’s too much Craftsman detailing that looks original to be anywhere else. Having said that, this house has had substantial additions. The open-shower bathroom with glass blocks and the cathedral-ceiling bedroom look very 90s to me, as does the granite bathtub. Must be an area where land values are on the way up, to have had such a substantial increase in square footage.

  • Casement windows? LOTS of white tile?
    Spring Branch.

  • The multilevel platform in front of the fireplace looks like a sacrficial altar designed by Siegfried and Roy. Note the skull hanging ominously above and the pair of horns and tilted cross on the mantel. And, of course, the throne-like armchair from the lobby of the Embassy Suites on the left. I think this is Oak Forest.

  • Damn, I love white as much as anyone… nice, clean, showcases artwork, yadda3… but, EVERYWHERE? Will my Transitionsâ„¢ lenses EVER shift to clear in this home or will I suddenly start to look even more like Jack Nicholson? And the chair rail 7 feet from the floor… from what dumb remodeling show did they steal that idea? Are those wall-bats on the wall over the master bed? Don’t see them much lately.

    Where is this 2 story remodeled craftsman bungalow? Maybe my area, the 6th Ward, but more likely the area north of Westheimer and west of Montrose behind Hugo’s.

  • Love the cannon in the side/back yard. Probably ready to shoot whomever put the wicker (aka non-white) chairs in the breakfast room. And are you bowling in the shower or what?! Timbergrove? Maybe somewhere in the Beechnut/Gessner area?

  • Is that three strands of barbed wire (AKA bobwar) atop the chain link fence you can see out the window in the utility room?

    I’m going to agree with whoever said Idylwood, or somewhere else on the east side.

  • Unfortunately I have nothing funny to say about this house. My funny has been hard to come by these days. Perhaps next week. I do think the house is in Garden Oaks. Balding person lives there, Nixon shampoo in the bathroom.

  • NIOXIN. Not funny and can’t spell. I’m worthless this week.

  • ok – I know you all have been just waiting for my opinion! old house, total redo, craftsman style, two story, – so the question is where would there be a two story older craftsman style “bungalow” which by definition is one story. would it be an added on two story? let me go look at the pictures again, wait please. ok I’m back with more astute observations – family with young children – visible cabinet locks on liquor. the decor is not horrible this time – it’s by someone who “thinks” she has good taste – the dining room and family room are nice. But that molding everywhere on the ceiling is atrocious. OK – my first thought was Eastwood or somewhere east of 1-10. It’s so old, so it would def. be close to downtown. Maybe around the Caroline street area, Hermann park area. Sh*t – I don’t have a clue!!!!! Again!!!

  • Margo: Nixon was funnier. Joni: Locks on liquor cabinets? Wow! You’re good! I can’t find the liquor cabinets, let alone the locks. But I don’t think small children are in this house; they would tump right out of those Breuer chairs. And the wall art would scare the bejeebers out of little ones.

  • Castle Court? Close to 59 between Montrose and Shepherd. Could be a converted duplex.

  • I’m a bit late leaving the ‘lurker shadows’, but I have a guess. I am also thinking Garden Oaks. The all white decor is very stuffy but the possibly original stained glass touches are lovely (kitchen window and interior doors) and the windows are great. As for the cannon – maybe they really hate squirrels!?!

  • See how one of the chairs in the breakfast nook is pushed way out from the table? I’m guessing that happened when the man of the house sprang from his seat upon learning that his wife, in the course of remodeling, had bought every gallon of white paint in the city, plunging the family into bankruptcy and forcing them to put their ivory palace up for sale. “Why, I oughta…”

  • I doubt it’s Castle Court. I used to live there and the duplexes/fourplexes are not nearly as interesting or Craftsman detailed. I think most of them were built in the 30s and 40s. And usually they get torn down for townhouses instead of having major additions. I know I’ve already guessed Eastwood/Idylwood, but I’m going to toss a backup guess and say: Cherryhurst, especially farther north like Indiana Street. Another shot in the dark might be east of Montrose and north of Westheimer, like around Emerston Street.

  • I’m so damn addicted to this game that I am posting this from a business trip in Moscow. No not the one in Idaho. It’s high summer here and it was 65 degrees this morning – just rubbing it in a bit because other than the one time I figured out the house I suck at this game!

    Anyway, this one is really interesting to me as a former bungalow owner. I don’t think that fireplace was original to the house, and I see no evidence of the original kitchen. I’m wondering if this is not a repurposed building somewhere in North Montrose or the 6th ward.

    They clearly added a story, and they might have bumped out the footprint, but then why have the bathroom fit only for cartoon stick people? So I’m guessing no bump-out, leading me to conclude that it’s a tight lot.

    And Brad, I think that’s called a picture rail. Joni, I think the cabinet doors are held closed by a string, and what I’d put behind those doors are detergents, and what I’d use that string for is to keep those doors from swinging open because the damn floor is sloped due to foundation settlement and the cheap cabinets do not have a magnet closure. But I also see the baby safing in the breakfast area, so I’m with you on that one. But clearly this is a one-child family and we’ve not been shown the nursery. Perhaps the baby sleeps in the big marble tub.