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  • Well at least we know where it’s not.

  • There are not enough clues!
    This neighborhood could be anywhere that had construction during the ’70s boom.

  • I think this is actually a smaller home in River Oaks, maybe off San Felipe somewhere. The updated bathroom fixtures are high end, and some of the other modern accessories are from Crate and Barrel and West Elm. The bad taste side of the owners has obviously spent the majority of their money on the artifacts as well as the bathroom redo. At least the good taste side had enough money left over in the end to furnish the “staging” by way of Highland Village.

  • The ceiling height is what I can’t place – it is really not a height you usually see.

  • I don’t like this game anymore. I even went into MLS and couldn’t find it.

    The ceiling height is what I can’t figure out. It’s not a high ceiling or a two-story ceiling with a balcony like you see almost everywhere in the construction of his period. Sort of a one and a half story ceiling. But there is probably a second story. The ceiling height in the kitchen and the second bedroom indicate there is.

    I would be very surprised if this house or townhouse/patio home is “Inside the Loop” or even “Inside the Beltway” and my feeling is it’s out in one of the more upscale subdivisions in outer Mongolia.

  • I do feel it may be one of the townhome/patio homes built around golf courses in the various subdivisions in outer Mongolia. Just something about that ceiling height. For some reason the townhome/patio homes built around the golf courses always had these high ceilings. Maybe it’s Inwood Forest. Which is just outside Loop 610 and inside the Beltway but might as well be in Outer Mongolia.