Neighborhood Guessing Game Held Over: Wide Open Field

After a strong day yesterday, the number of entries in this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game trailed off a bit today. Which is too bad, because — for the first time ever — there’s a great prize waiting for the winner. And . . . because no one has guessed the actual neighborhood yet.

What’s the big idea behind offering a prize? To encourage more of our readers to participate. We know a great number of you look at the game each week but for one reason or another decide not to enter a guess. Maybe it’s because you think the other players are better at it than you are? Or maybe adding your guess just doesn’t seem worth the effort?

Well . . . how about now? The field’s still wide open. And in return for just a little speculating and finger waggling, you could walk away with a shiny new individual membership in the Rice Design Alliancenormally available for $45 a year.

So . . . we’ll be extending this week’s competition for one more day. If you’ve already made a guess, feel free to make another. But if you’ve been holding out on us for some reason, now’s a great opportunity to go ahead and take a stab at it, simply by adding your comment.

It won’t hurt! We’re holding the contest open . . . just for you.