Neighborhood Guessing Game: Home Plates

If it’s Tuesday, this must be the Neighborhood Guessing Game! This week the winner of the game will get a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance. Are you in it to win it?

If so, simply look at these photos and tell us where the pictured home is located. If more than one of you come up with the correct answer, the RDA prize will go to the player who provided the best explanation for the guess.

But the winner’s got to be guessing. If you’ve seen or heard of this home before, or if you come across it while we’re playing the game, please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin all the fun for everyone else. Instead, try this trick: Send Swamplot an email with a link to the listing — so we’ll know what you’re doing. Then, add an incorrect guess, explained just sharply enough to throw other players off the scent. If you do this well, you’ll earn special commendation when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, that winner could be you!

Ready to play?


Surely you’ve got some sense of this place by now, no? Well, then . . . keep perusing these pix!

And that . . . is that! Put your guesses in the comments section below. And come back Thursday for the answer!

Update, 2/11: And the winner is . . .

Photos: HAR

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  • I’m gonna go with Pasadena for this one. Not sure why, just throwing it out there. :-D

  • All that paneling…pure 1980 tract house on the Missouri City-Sugar Land frontier.

  • 1980 is right, but this is in Kingwood, say Elm Grove or one of the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • The living room is pure 1977, but they remodeled the kitchen in 1994 when the owner’s sister pointed out that the butcher-block laminate counters were tacky next to the oak veneer cabinets. I’m going to say Nottingham Country, in Katy.

  • A little old, but well kept. Vaulted ceilings and an addition in what used to be the attic. This is feeling Clear Lakey to me, in one of the older subdivisions, like Oakbrook.

  • I’m saying Briargrove. The age is about right & looking out the last bedroom’s window the house across the street is right there too.

    Gus, I’m surprised you didn’t call this one “The China Syndrome”. Though maybe the plates are Japanese.

  • Old Katy area? Or just south of the Beltway and 45? Maybe?

  • Gaywood. Sooner or later I will be correct.

  • 1980s for sure. The living room is straight out of “Designing Women” with those colors. Original owner from the beginning; modifications along the way including the 1992 television above the kitchen table. The matching bedspread and bench, ugh.

  • This has GOT to be Bear Creek area. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the hollywood lighting in the bath, down to the kitchen floorplan.

    This SCREAMS Fox & Jacobs circa 1984-ish.

  • The vaulted ceilings and dated bathrooms could be a lot of neighborhoods. I am guessing Spring Branch area west of Gessner and North of I-10.

  • Aww — Raggedy Anne! Looks like Sagemont or Sagemeadow to me.

  • Rosenberg?is that too far out?

  • I’m going to go with Barker’s Landing ‘cuz that wetbar reminds me of a h.s. crush’s house. Anne, you equine riding goddess, you could do wonders with your dad’s liquor.

  • I’m feeling W of the tollway, N of I-10, S of the Addicks Dam, and E of Eldridge in west Houston. Just has that feeling of “the land that time passed by”.

  • Hard to say, looks pretty generic. No one has guessed the Silverlake area of Pearland yet, so I’ll go with that. That was starting to be built in the mid-80s, and it was upscale middle-class, sorta. I don’t see a lot to get too upset or excited about here, actually.

  • just curious why 1980’s? Cause the panelling etc. looks just like my mom’s 1964 house. Is it the windows? Or drawer trim? It just feels older than 80’s to me.

  • OK – I was leaning towards The Sagemont area AND Oakbrook, so with those taken … late 70s/early 80s Friendswood.