Neighborhood Guessing Game: House Pool

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Pool Table

Some very secretive Swamplot readers have been playing the Neighborhood Guessing Game week after week . . . without really playing it: studying the photos, browsing neighborhoods, identifying the best prospects — and checking back on Thursday for the answers. Hey, game lurkers! How about actually entering your conclusions into the comments?

This week, we’re asking our private guessers (you know who you are!) to step out of the shadows and add your comments below — where everyone can see them. That way you’ll have an actual chance to win. Everybody into the guessing pool!

You know the rules. Now it’s your turn. Ready for a whole bunch more photos of this week’s mystery pad?


Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Entry

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Bar

Think you’ve got a good handle on this place? Keep looking . . .

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Game Room

Hmmm . . .

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Master Bath

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Bath

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Closet

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Exercise Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Upstairs

Where is it? Just add your guess to the comments below! You can do it! Answers Thursday.

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  • Baytown
    Deer Park

  • Oh dear. Gentle weader fwowed up.

  • Older 1 story home, I’m thinking 40’s, with a tall gabled roof, gutted and ceilings raised. Mother-in-law apt (now funky ornithologist’s bachelor pad) in backyard. Back of main home pushed out for humongo kitchen and master suite + bath above. Must be an edgy neighborhood where tear downs weren’t pushing in so fast, but value is still high.

    I wanted this to be in Montrose, but it’s not, nor is it in West U or Edgemont. Could be Mid Lane area, or near Memorial Park.

  • Random thoughts:
    1. Get referral and locate interior designer.
    2. Three words; Shallow. Unmarked. Grave.
    3. In game room: Are those STIRRUPS at foot level on the counter?
    4. Find realtor and toss wide angle lens into dumpster.

    I have no idea where this is, so I will guess the SE quadrant of Gessner and Westheimer.

  • Freaky, freaky…eeeeewwww…Is that a mini-bar in the master bath? A chandelier in the master closet? More wooden molding than you can swing a nutria at? Enough variety of marbles, fabrics and stones to give you vertigo? Ya think the man and the lady of the house have come to a compromise on decor? OK, enough jabs at taste. How’s about a more affluent area of South Houston/Pasadena, an older house with an addition a la Karen’s suggestion above. Something makes me want to say that this place overlooks a bayou. Sorry I can’t be more specific this morning.

  • As my momma would say, these people have more money than good sense.

    I’m going to go with somewhere in Memorial….lots of foliage outside the master bathroom window.

  • Look at all those trinkets! I think we have a hoarder in training here. Each time I look at the pics, I expect the Brady Bunch to come running down those stairs. So at least 4 bedrooms as far as I can tell. A chandelier in the closet. Lots of dead animals. Lots of angled roofs. The house looks more like one from the late 60’s or 70’s to me. Tastefully tacky. Interesting how some rooms are corner to corner full of stuff and others are very sparse (nice tv in the bedroom…is it from the 70’s too?) It smells like urban redneck to me. I’m torn between the Westheimer/Highway 6 side of town or the Jersey Village area.

  • Gonna go with Bunker Hill Village.. just a hunch

  • Given all the dead animals on the wall, how can it not be located in Hunters Creek Village?

  • I dunno, I think it’s a remodel/addition I’m guessing braeswood/fondren off the country club there.

    Pretty scary.

  • champion’s forest
    late 70’s money

  • OMG! Please tell me that my eyes are deceiving me. Is that a leopard rug with head attached draped over the treadmill?? No no no. That is wrong on so many levels. I’ve been known to hang a few bras from my treadmill but never a dead animal. Im going with bunkerhill area i’ve seen some strange buisness in a few houses in that area and this looks about par.

  • I think karen has a very convincing bluff here, but I’m going to call it. This is too big for a 40s gut and rebuild. Also the last finished attic pic wouldn’t exist if that much space was made for “second floor” bedrooms.

    I can’t do better than Pasadena, though. I’ve seen some gigantic hillbilly swankiendas over there off Fairmont Parkway. (off Young Street, for example.) Maybe it belongs to a beveled glass dealer.

  • Champions Forest

  • Greenwood Forest

  • “Giant hillbilly swankiendas…” marmer, you crack me up.

  • Is that an “I shot J.R.” tee shirt in the closet?

    I’ve been in some pads like this in the Memorial Villages back in the 80’s…so since Hunter’s Creek and Bunker Hill are taken I’m going with Hedwig Village…

  • my very first thought was memorial, like off Chimney Rock or further out – it seems like it overlooks the bayou – I totally agree with that comment, but it would probably show the back yard if it did. Gus – do you show all photos????? hmmmm – i’m so serious about this freaking game. it’s a total redo – the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m going with 70’s, 80’s with new redo in the last 5 years. garage has been converted into game room. gus – will you ever show an house that hired an interior designer that’s decent?????? haha!!
    Memorial – could be a townhouse on the bayou somewhere.

  • i’m sticking with the memorial villages. going with hilshire village although my first inclination would have been bunker hill village.

  • After recovering from the nausea induced from the first glance, I took another, more careful look at the entire set of pictures. Unfortunately, that just leaves me with more questions. 
    Why is there a fake fireplace in the converted attic? Is that yet another foosball table? Do people really have those in their houses? Who decorates with dead animal heads anymore? How 70s! And OMG, why is there a chandelier in the walk-in closet?!
    The overall effect is very claustrophobic. For some reason Royden Oaks comes to mind, but the sidewalk directly in front of the house rules that out. I’m going to say Fountainview or Bering Drive.

  • I vote Bunker Hill Village, too.

  • I’ve seen the swankiendas off of Young St. too, not sure if they are hillbilly or not – think they are people who found acreage within 20 miles of downtown and threw up some pretty large homes because they could.