Neighborhood Guessing Game: Kitchen Corner

Whaddya get if you win this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game? First prize!

And the admiration of your hard-guessin’ peers. While our prize sponsors take a break, let’s see what y’all can come up with for this one!

The object, as always: guess the neighborhood where this property is located. If you guess correctly, you win! If more than one player is dead-on, the player who provided the best explanation wins.

If you already know this property, or if you come across it while we’re playing the game, you’ll need to play a slightly different version of the game. Please don’t post the answer — you’ll just ruin the game for everybody else. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing. Then post an incorrect guess, but make it sound plausible. If you do this well — throwing other players off their game — you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, that winner might be you!

Here’s a bit more of a tour:


This little place is starting to seem a little more familiar now, isn’t it? Well then, what do you think?

Put your guesses in the comments. The answer will magically appear on Swamplot on Thursday!

Update, 8/20: It’s appearing here!

Photos: HAR

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  • Shady Acres

  • I always go with my first instinct and you will note – I am never right.
    The woman behind this decorating scheme probably docents at Bayou Bend. Her tastes have never changed and neither has her kitchen. Hubby doesn’t care, hates change anyway. But the kids live out of state, so that dream of grandchildren under foot all the time hasn’t materialized. They simply don’t see the point of all the square footage anymore and most of the families their kids grew up with have already left…Nottingham!
    (This place is SO my mother-in-law)

  • One of the Villages out in Memorial. The kids in the portraits, which had to be painted by Mrs. Plunkett, went to Memorial H.S. in the 70s or possibly early 80s. When the house sells, whatever doesn’t go to the Hallmark, kids, or grandkids will go to the Bluebird Circle Shop.

  • Like finness, I am never right. Although once I had the closest guess in a week when no one was right.
    My first instinct for this week’s contest was old-town Pearland, so of course it’s not. I agree with the Bayou Bend docent comment, so I’ll go out on a shaky limb and say River Oaks.

  • Ashford Forest, I would have gone with Nottingham, but finnes beat me to it.

  • Hmm, big den and formal living room. Wood floors in the bedrooms. Cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom look old. I’m guessing this is one of the original two-story ranch inspired houses in an early Memorial development. Too traditional for Memorial Bend. Not sure what the subdivision name is, but I’ll bet this house is close to or on Kimberley, Barryknoll, Kirkwood, or Wilcrest.

  • This could be anywhere old and forgotten. I’ll guess (and this is a WAG) Woodcreek off Aldine-Westfield.

  • Who knows? But, the property would sell better without all that stuff in it. You can’t get a proper look at the “bones” of the house.

  • Not enought pictures!
    Looks like an OLD place with a circa 1960 add-on.
    Call me weird, because I like this place; it’s organic and has personality! I’ll take the antiques too.
    Bet it smells like yellowed paper and cinnamon.

  • It looks like Christmas from the wreath and the fireplace decorations. It’s pretty green outside for Christmas, though. You’d think if your house hadn’t sold in 8 months, one of the things you might do is try new pictures?

    The flooring upstairs looks old to me (at least pre WWII). I’m not sure what to make of the brick or (brick-like) flooring on the ground floor.

    I wonder if they’ve had the yard sale yet. I sure see a few things I wouldn’t mind seeing in my house.

    My stab in the dark: between Shepherd and Montrose, Westheimer and Gray.

  • Yeah, ya know, I can see this as a prewar four-square that someone added a den to the back of in the 60’s. Like moveocelot says. I still like the Memorial area, but because of the yard size and old-looking details, I’m gonna give an alternate guess of Bellaire. It’s not like there’s an actual prize at stake or anything! ;-)

  • This looks like a country, two-story house, with large floor plan on a lot with a pool.
    The spacious rooms downstairs have brick floors and upstairs bedrooms – wood floors. Nice stencils accents throughout the house.
    No clocks, radios or TV’s, except a small unit in the bedroom (lol).
    I can spot few recent updates – like windows, kitchen appliances, nice marble counter in
    the bathroom, plantation shutters. But when I look at the brick floors, the condition of the wood on the floors and stairs, the fireplace and the painted paneling, I would say that this house is probably 40-50 years old.
    I guess it is sitting in a flood zone, close to bayou or the coast. The picture with the ship makes me think that big water is not far away. Maybe somewhere on the bay?

  • I’m with finness. I know this owner. This is a widow, Catholic (see the antique kneeler in bedroom), probably in late 60’s/early 70’s. She only met Miss Ima once or twice, but will tell you about it. I’ll head out west a bit to Bellville, Brookshire, Columbus, or Brenham, if HAR can take me there. This is the house in the country, only visited on weekends. It has become too much of a hassle and its time for a condo.

  • Hmmmm….I don’t know, maybe somewhere near Wisconsin?

    Oh – so it has to be in Texas? Then I’d say Old Town Spring.

    Interesting furniture layout – from the pictures, it appears that both the twin and the 4 poster double are in the same bedroom, which must be enormous, as it also holds multiple armoires and many chairs. Is it a second living room that’s now serving as a bedroom?

  • I feel the vibe. Wilchester or Wilchester West. Over and out.

  • Good call, LT. Maybe the stairs became too much and one of the owners was quite ill so they turned the living room into a bedroom with a twin bed for the convenience of the caregiver. Sad.

  • It’s so sad when chintz kills. Pa’s been gone for a few years now. It just seems like yesterday when he finally shot a duck and would sit on the sofa and dream of sailing the Seven Seas. He had such high hopes for adventure, but only racked up a few crystal awards for a job well done as a lubricants salesman.
    Now, it’s time for Ma to pack up the 90 place settings, disperse the good antique pieces to her loverly neighbors, say one last confession at St. Michael’s, and move on down the road. The living was good in the quaint house on Chimney Rock near Memorial. Farewell my little plumerias, elephant ears, and monkey grass. Ma will miss you when she’s freezing her rump roast while living with little Jenny and her hubby in St. Louie.

  • Very interesting house that the initial tease pic doesn’t betray. That 2nd fireplace could very well be another side of the master bedroom (with two beds), or perhaps an upstairs bedroom above the main floor fireplace. I’d see this as something built in the 70’s with all of the dark stained rustic rough trim. I could see this in an older part of Cypress, or along 1960 areas that are older.

  • I don’t know what y’all are thinking with the nottingham, wilchester, etc. guesses – I grew up out there and never saw anything quite like this. The wood floors are too old, at least for my part of the neighborhood. And those furnishings! Not energy corridor. I’m saying older parts of Deer Park or somewhere over there, only because I think I saw identical stuff in an antique store in LaPorte.

  • I was thinking Galveston, but then I remembered that whole hurricane-thing last year…(Also why I didn’t say Clear Lake). My guess is off of Westview across the freeway from Memorial. If it were in old Memorial, all the real estate pics would be of the lot because, most definitely, this house would be a feature player on a Demolition Report. -Though in its day, it was a real show house.

    I think Grandma passed away after a struggle with her health. The kids are beginning to pack things up – as evidence by the dishes on the Dining Room table. It is odd that the master bedroom has 2 beds… I’m afraid Grandma couldn’t get into the taller bed and may have had a twin bed from another room brought in. The kids are successful and gave her nice gifts throughout her life, though as with many, Grandma was happy to reminisce with the way things were when the house was full. The place reminds me of the house from “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House”… but that could just be me,

  • The fireplace in the bedroom says oldtown Spring to me.

  • And the decoration scheme is very “bicentennial”.

  • Yes, the decoration makes this home look a lot older than it actually is. It’s only 50 years old, or so. This is a tricky NGG!

  • The double oven is very 60s. Note the presence of dials.

  • My spirit guide is back from vacation and gave me the location. Friendswood.

  • I’ve never made a guess before, but I’ll give it a try. This house looks like it was lived in by my wife’s 75-year-old widowed Catholic grandmother in Kingwood, except that it ALSO looks like it was lived in by my 80-year old Methodist grandmother in Wisconsin. I’m going off the beaten path and combining the two- the oldest part of Kingwood off Northpark.

  • Or maybe Porter.

    One more thing- that brick or brick-like jitchen floor is linoleum- it’s the same floor that’s in my grandma’s kitchen in Wisconsin.

  • Tall windows, those wood floors upstairs, linoleum down, big rooms…this summer getaway mansion overlooks Galveston Bay, up high on a bluff in Morgan’s Point.

  • Speaking of the ovens…Do you think the real estate ads will mention that the kitchen has stainless steel appliances? :)

  • Hmmmmnnnnnn. This is a toughie. House dates from 1948-52 with an add on in 1964. Furnishings ,though dated, are mostly of good quality. I think the River Oaks guess is a good one and we can all agree that Grandma has moved on. What is throwing me is that backyard view from the add on den. Is that a hip roof I spy over the fence? I am going to guess in the vicinity of Holcombe and Greenbriar.

  • I bet this place smells like old lady.

    I think it’s in Braes Heights.. or somehwere around Braeswood..

  • It most definately does NOT smell like an old lady. I know the owners…