Neighborhood Guessing Game: Local Color

First things first: If you know this residence, or if you think you know it, please read this page and focus your attention on rules number 3 and 4.

For the rest of you: Welcome to this edition of Swamplot’s Neighborhood Guessing Game, where you never know where you’re going to end up!

Many of you know how to play already: Study the photos below, look for clues, then try to figure out what neighborhood this place is in. Explain how you’ve come to your conclusion in a comment. Then wait . . . for Thursday, when the answer is revealed, and everyone will recognize what a brilliant expert on Houston real estate you are!

Or not.

Wanna chance it? The photos are this way:


You’ve got to have figured this one out by now. C’mon! Where else could it be?

Well, yeah, it could be there, too . . .

Okay, now you’ll just have to go for it. Comments are open for your guesses! The shocking answer will be revealed . . . Thursday!

Update: The word is out!

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  • Holy Built-ins Batman! I was digging this place until all the woodwork came about. Im gussing Meyerland. 1960ish and rather nondescript on the outside.

  • My guess is, of all places, Tanglewood.

  • It’s new. And seriously architect-designed.
    Could be on the edge of River Oaks but I’m seeing more modernism in places like Southampton, Mandell Place, and Montrose. I’ll go with Southampton, but it could be Milford or Banks. I _might_ have seen this on a home tour somewhere…maybe? Memory isn’t what it once wasy.

  • I’m thinkin over in the med center area…. apparently overlooking some of the wooded portions, like maybe near a bayou. Not my cup of tea at all… not real big on the colors, or the woodwork. There are alot of really interesting types of wood one can make cabinets out of these days. This place isn’t an example of using any. I hate to assume anything, but this looks like knotty pine. Years ago, I tore out my knotty pine cabinets to replace them with hand built solid core birch ones. The knotty pine ones were relegated to various uses in my shop where nobody care what they look like. I really like differing architectural patterns and designs, but this quasi loft lookin kind of idea does nothing for me. I could also see this put in around the near northside of downtown around Patton and Main near a wooded area.

  • It’s on Blossom near Shepherd or in whatever that little neighborhood is called. It has a cistern and an organic garden from whence came the sunflowers.

  • I vote for Tanglewood as well. I think it is that hideous house that is painted school bus yellow just off the boulevard that was built maybe 10 years ago.

  • First, based on the proportions of the rooms, the place is huge. No apparent stairways would indicate a pretty big piece of land, and, hopefully, given the pink columns off the dining room, without visible neighbors. The blond wood and design-by-Ikea look of the built-ins says 1990s construction, but clearly a lot of money has been put into the place.

    I’ll say somewhere in the villages off Memorial, probably being sold by an expat Norwegian O&G exec (and his family) being transferred back to the home office.

  • Well, first off their Realtor obviously did not have the “make everything neutral” conversation, or if she did they were deaf to it. The…uh…bold design statements paired with the huge rooms give a sort of “Beverly Hillbillies” quality. By that I mean it smacks of an upscale area where crusty old Republicans run around like they aren’t getting enough fiber in their diet, gasping at the horrors of the color choices that extend far beyond usual restoration hardware palette options. I am betting somewhere near the Galleria. Tanglewood is as good as any, maybe Del Monte.

  • The owners of this paean to contemporary high-class-Mexican architecture are probably maxing out their platinum American Express cards at the Louis Vuitton shop at the Galleria. The scale and colors remind me of the Camino Real Hotel in Mexico City, but if they want to sell this house in Rivercrest, they’re going to have to make a trip to Home Depot for some taupe and tan colored paint. This second-home for Mexican immigrants of the non-gardening-or-custodial variety is in Rivercrest, probably even north of Briar Forest on Crestbend.

  • In fact, after reviewing a previous Swamplot headline, may I venture to guess it’s on the corner of Crestbend and Enchilada??

  • I guess Southgate. It could have been renovated/decorated by a young doctor’s wife with more money and time than design sense. Now that they’ve matured somewhat and their kids are in school, they’re moving closer to St. John’s where they will, thankfully, pay a professional decorator to do the work.

  • Rice/miltary area. The knotty pine is inexplicable.

  • Not Rice Military, but catty cornered across the WOW round-about in Camp Logan looking into Memorial Park.

  • i agree with jgbiggs. the rooms are much too big and the floor plan too open for any of the older, wealthy subdivisions like river oaks or southhampton. this has to be that horrible house in tanglewood near chimney rock. it’s as ugly on the inside as the outside. i always figured that someone made the outside so ugly to tick off his neighbors, but judging by the interior, i guess that i was wrong. horrible.

  • This has to be that bright yellow, Legorreta wannabe house just east of Chimney Rock.

  • I agree with those who have already guessed Tanglewood. I bet the owners are wealthy folks from Mexico – they probably started off with a condo at Four Leaf Towers. It reminds me of the hotel Pierce Bronsan stayed at in Matador. All that purple, pink and yellow sure is festive.

  • i’m gonna guess somewhere near Memorial near Westcott or close to Memorial Park.

  • Oh my. I was always wondering where Willy Wonka retired to once he gave away his factory. I suspect the oompa loompas color coordinated these rooms as well.

  • The little windows remind me of the highrise off of the north side of Richmond and I think Sage(?).

  • Knotty pine fetish? or should that be naughty… Looks fairly contemporary, I’m a guessing that modernish enclave of new houses north of Richmond and West of Kirby, kinda behind Cafe Express…

  • Just west or southwest of Highland Village shopping center. Late 90’s. They must have a bad view and/or a lot of noise on the one side of the house that has those tiny windows. I am a little confused with the breakfast room and the kitchen. Do they both have bar stools and ovens?

    And whatever you think about the color scheme, it sure looks like the painting contractors did a great job of it.

  • Tanglewood off of Chimney Rock

  • First, I thought off Woodway. This house does seem to look out over leafy Buffalo Bayou.
    I imagine it’s crammed into an established street (like Briar Hollow?), a compact 2-story on an odd lot with something unpleasant like a parking garage or a 24/7 mega-church next door.
    I like the four-square layout.

    ^Reesh: 23 seats at which to dine! Casa Ole indeed!

  • Well. It definitely looks new-ish to me, but I am confused by the tiny windows in the nursery and the red room. Why would these exist in a leafy neighborhood?

    This must be an urban lot. I really want to say high rise but that doesn’t explain the high windows either. And where are the stairs?

    Perhaps it is an apartment on a lower floor of a high rise, and those small windows face the busy side of the bldg.

    The other thing that creeps me out about this listing is the absence of books in the nursery. The rest of the shelves in the house are fully stocked – did aliens abduct the children and take all their books? Is that why this property is on the market?