Neighborhood Guessing Game: Open to the Fire

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Living Room

All politics is local, no? So . . . where are you casting your ballot?

For today’s general election, you’ll probably want to vote where this site tells you to — if you haven’t already. But for today’s guessing game on Swamplot, the neighborhood is entirely up to you! Just make sure you’ve read the rules before you play.

And you might want to study these photos carefully:


Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Pantry

Think you have some idea where this place is? How confident are you?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 31: Bedroom

If the exact name of the neighborhood this place is in isn’t knocking you over the head, don’t sweat it . . . you have until Thursday to cast your vote, in the comments below. You can always mull the choices over while you wait in line to vote in a slightly more important election today. And that you’ll need to do before the polls close at 7 p.m.

Update: The results are in!

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  • Nice wood, heh-heh-heh.

  • Looks like I’m first again. Old. Gas heaters in the bathroom and dining room. Kitchen cheaply remodeled, bathrooms not yet (well, maybe the one but I’m hoping it’s not finished. That pattern is…emetic.) Good bones and lots of potential. 1920s Eastwood.

  • OK, I wasn’t first. But first with a guess.

  • It is too hard to guess.

    OK, OK, I’ll stop, and guess: Woodland Heights.

  • I’ll be more general and say Heights. That will include Woodland Heights, Norhill Heights, West Heights, the northern section….

  • Looks like a larger home. Some arched doorways. Built-in hutch in the dining room. Refinished old wood floors. East side. I’ll second Eastwood.

  • How about the area north of Castle Court and west of the Menil south of Westheimer… what’s that called?

    (still looking for a map with neighborhood names)

  • This kinda looks like the last remaining old homes in West U, say along University. Wow and wow with all the wood. That weird Swiffer woman in the commercials would love this place!

  • South facing…I’ll take Westmoreland.

  • the arched doors are throwing me off.. why aren’t there transoms above doors?? i’ll say south “midtown” the area between midtown and the 3rd ward.. or maybe even around elgin and 288…

  • mmmm yes I’m studying…
    I’ve been looking at The Neighborhood Guessing Game long enough to know that if it looks like archetypal Woodland Heights home, it isn’t.
    But, like many old houses featured here, it has been maintained well-enough not to be summarily demo-ed. It has the 1975 ash-ply kitchen and the 1985 DalTile master. I believe the kitchen/master comprises an add-on, maybe built when a new FP was installed.
    The original house’s lovely, aqua, thick-set tile bath is a treasure.
    The brassy, ‘glad-to-meetcha’ Bruce floors will hold this pier-built home together in case the previous owners let the Terminix contract expire!

  • Feels like a Montrose duplex to me, built in the 1930s but (mostly) renovated in the early 80s. I remember my grandma having that mediallion tile pattern from the second bathroom in her kitchen around that era.
    Could be the north end of Montrose close to Allen Parkway — I’ll go out on a limb and say Temple Terrace.

  • Close to University of St. Thomas and the Menil.

  • Tanglewood…

  • How about Southmore area, Riverside Terrace-ish? It seems to a large house w/2 bathrooms, but has the galley kitchen & formica. Homes in that area can be a combination of nifty old wood and dated updates.

  • You know, I’m going to say the area in Montrose around the HighSchoolForThePerformingAndVisualArts. There are a few houses from this era and of this caliber around there. It’s called Audubon Place. Yeah, that’s it. Now it’s time to hold my breath and wait for a winner. Too bad I have to wait until Thursday!

  • Eastwood or Heights would be too obvious. I’m going to guess the 6th Ward/Houston Ave area. The house could also be in the Near North Side.

  • looks like it belong in montrose, audubon place.

  • Old, very old – the heaters in the bathroom! the moldings, etc. the fireplace. I would say the Binz area!!!

  • Montrose for sure. Where else will you find a grand old home that was last remodeled in the 80s. Eastwood? Crackpipe.

  • This obviously looks like a bungalow of some sorts. The hood could range from any number of the ones listed above…. Montrose, Heights, Near Northside, Eastside, Audubon.

  • 1920’s or 30’s: tall ceilings and plenty of pre-AC windows. The kitchen could be an add-on — no original windows — but the door to the pantry makes you think it is in the original location. And I’d guess that the 2nd bathroom is new, or was new in the 70’s.
    How many neighborhoods did Houston have in the 30’s? I’ll guess Avondale.

  • Maybe Timbergrove – west of the Heights??

  • I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess San Felipe/Briar Hollow entirely because of that door. It’s an unsual door. The hardwood floors are definitely new. If the home had older wood floors, I would guess an older neighborhood like the Heights. I think that door is a new addition.

  • This has the earmarks of a home built around 1928-1935. Lots of remodelling evident from the 1970s kitchen to the garish Spanishesque floor tile in bath number two. The front door looks to be less than ten years old.
    Judging from the size of the rooms and footprint, this seems too large for the standard 50′ lot in much of the Heights.
    My guess is Mandell Place in Montrose.

  • I think it’s Eastwood, but marmer already guessed that. So guess something close by –Lawndale.

  • I agree with JT about the timeframe for this house. It’s not quite bungalow style, and the interior fireplace puts it later in the 20th century….high ceilings, too. And it’s built on a pretty high crawl space foundation – see how the fence looks low from the windows! But the narrow moldings say late ’20s or early ’30s to me. Later ’30s had much smaller rooms.

    I think it’s weird that the butler’s pantry has a space heater while the kitchen has forced air. What’s that about?

    The last time anyone spent any serious money on this house was in the 80s or early 90s when they put in new kitchen cabinets. So this is likely in a neighborhood that’s seen some tear down pressure in the last decade or so, making many of the above guesses reasonable. On the other hand, the place is in good shape, telling me that the sellers aren’t sure if it’s a teardown or a remodel. Perhaps the previous owners simply lived on a budget and couldn’t afford the excesses of the ’90s and ’00s.

    I think this a sale out of an estate in Lindale Park.