Neighborhood Guessing Game: Outdoor Indoor

How about another round of the Neighborhood Guessing Game? There’s a Rice Design Alliance membership waiting for the winner!

You know the drill: We want you to guess where this home is! If you guess correctly, you win! If more than one person guesses the correct neighborhood, the prize goes to the player who gave the best explanation for the guess.

If you know this home already, or if you come across it online while we’re playing, please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the fun for everyone else. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing, then submit your own incorrect guess. Make it sound convincing! If you do that well, you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the correct neighborhood, that winner could be you. (That’s how last week’s winner won!)

First, you’ll want to look at a few more photos:


Pick up any clues on your tour? And how about these:

That’s all you get to see for now! Put your guesses in the comments. We’ll meet you back here Thursday for the answer!

Update, 12/10: We have a winner!

Photos: HAR

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  • I’m thinking Memorial, Bunker Hill, Piney Point area?

  • Sugar Land… if for no other reason than someday it will be right

  • 1980ish soft contemporary. I’ll guess in the vicinity of San felipe and Voss–Charnwood or the non trafficky part of Woodway across Voss.

  • Lord only knows. Interior brick columns: Do not like. What’s going on with the strange sunroom patio thingy? Just because it seems 80s upscale-ish and it hasn’t been guessed yet, I’ll say Katy. Maybe even Cinco Ranch if pressed.

  • Based on the layout of the home, the decorative scrolls on the coveted built-ins, the wood-paneled den-looking area, and the nice herringbone floors, I say that this house is in the Memorial/Kirkwood area. Or, the Memorial/Dairy Ashford area. Or, it could be on the other side of the Beltway at Richmond.

  • Just to be a contrarian, I’ll go with the area around UH. No idea what that part of town is called, but I seem to recall there being some nice looking houses in that area.

    More specifically, I’m referring to the area east of 288 and west of Calhoun, south of Elgin, and north of 610.

    In any event, I wonder why the house is so empty.

  • I’ll guess Fleetwood.

  • I’m guessing somewhere on the golf course in Quail Valley.

  • The Random Poster is referring to the Riverside Terrace area. There are indeed some nice houses over there but they are either old, traditional, mansions, mid-century moderns, or McMansions. I doubt there’s that big of a new-ish soft comtemporary over there, unless maybe along McGregor. The house is probably empty because the owners have moved and the photos weren’t taken until they were gone. “Staging” in some other furniture didn’t work out for some reason. One can also argue that empty rooms show flooring, built-in shelving, and room sizes to better advantage.

  • Champions/Greenwood Forest. My family lived in Greenwood Forest during my high school / college years and those bookshelves by the fireplace are giving me flasbacks.

  • I think Hedwig Village.

  • I’m going to say Ponderosa Forest. Some of the homes nearer Cypress Creek are larger and look like this–very 80s chic. My Ponderosa Forest home is more 70s colonial uber-chic.

  • This house has some obvious updates, like the granite countertops. But the herringbone floors and wood paneling scream 70’s. Very typical of houses in Fleetwood.

  • Judging from the flooring, this house is obviously in a very floody area. I’m going to go with, first guess, a remodeled rancher in the lower part of Timbergrove Manor. Second guess, somewhere along Sims Bayou near the Gulf Freeway.

  • Sandalwood. With the back of the house facing the lake. It reminds me of a friend’s house in Sandalwood, built-ins, brick columns, floor, and all. Can’t wait to see more of this house. LOVE the hanging shrine areas in two of the rooms.

  • The herringbone floors are speaking to me. This could be Memorial Northwest, just north of Louetta and off of Champions Forest. Some nice updated contemporaries through there.