Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Colors of the Harvest

Which Houston houseguesser walks away from this week’s contest with the grand prize — a shiny new one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance?

Well . . . none of you, actually.

Too bad. Nobody was even close. Here’s where the place is:


Location: 9255 Waving Fields Dr., Harvest Bend
Details: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths; 1,223 sq. ft. on a 4,880-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $94,900
The Scoop: Compact 2-story home from 1986 backing up to Fallbrook Dr. just outside of Beltway 8 in the Village of Harvest Bend, 4 miles north of Jersey Village. Exterior has cement-board siding with a little bit of brick in front; attached single-car garage. Tile floors downstairs; bamboo up. Remodeled Kitchen with stainless-steel-finish appliances. Textured ceilings. On the market for 2 weeks.

Who would have guessed out here? Maybe you will — next week! We’ll try this game again on Tuesday.

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  • This is one of those homes where the agent would be compelled to add the “I’m gorgeous inside!” panel on the for-sale sign. It’s definitely better inside than out.
    Can’t believe they were still making one-car garages in 1986.

  • I didn’t have time to submit my guess, but it would have been wrong anyway. (How wrong? I was thinking a townhome below the River Oaks/West Gray shopping center. Enjoy this laugh at my expense!) I’m with you, Carol, on the 1-car garage. Too bad the first owners didn’t plant some trees like the guys next door did.

  • It IS a townhouse! It just happens to be in a suburban subdivision. What a strange little cutie! You usually don’t see this much TLC and decorating effort in starter homes. And a remodeled kitchen, bamboo floors, and a granite bath counter in a $95,000 house? What’s the story with that?

  • Agreed, Marmer – that is a cute place for under ahunerd gran. Have to wonder if that design has any appeal for the people buying in that area.

  • They could be living next to the neighbors from hell and that’s what’s motivating them to sell. The first home we bought was in Steeplechase, right across Jones Rd. from Harvest Bend and another NW Houston original, Winchester Country. (Steeplechase became ‘The Woodlands’ compared to the other two). All the homes were built by the same cheesy homebuilders. But the worst part was when it became a magnet for unbelievably rude and uncivilized neighbors who made no distinction between your property and theirs. Like using YOUR driveway to park THEIR cars or 4-wheelers. Or rummaging through the toolbox in your garage without permission, much less knowing your name. And they dared you to call them on it. Better yet, the police just considered it a nuisance and wouldn’t respond. It worsened when many of the surrounding homes turned into rent houses. My husband used to say that Steeplechase became the next stop after the trailer park. We sold the home when a ‘neighbor’ killed our three cats, one by one, and eventually moved to Meyerland. We haven’t had a neighbor issue since.