Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: FM 1960 1971

So who gets a pair of tickets to the Rice Design Alliance’s annual home tour this weekend? Why, the winner of this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game, of course! And that would be the player our judges deemed “close enough” for the win: Congratulations, JKL! You’re going to . . . Southgate!

A very close second place goes to Brian, and an honorable mention to movocelot, who just ended up on the wrong side of I-45.

How far off were you?


Location: 17410 Rustic Canyon Trail, Ponderosa Forest
Details: 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths; 3,968 sq. ft. on a 20,271-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $189,000
The Scoop: Two-story brick and wood home dating from 1971 with vaguely Tudor styling in front, built on 2 cul-de-sac lots just blocks away from the former Houston residence of Alabama drug kingpin Daron Odell Jones. Private patio off Master Bedroom; private balcony off upstairs Bedroom currently used as Gameroom. Picture windows off Living and Dining Rooms face large back yard. Extra room off Kitchen. On the market since just before Christmas.

Maybe you’ll win next time! That’d be next Tuesday. Will you?

9 Comment

  • That’s a great price unless something is seriously wrong with the home.

  • Never would have guessed the Tudor look.
    I said Clear Lake. Is there an honorable mention for being 180 degrees off?

  • Nope 180 degrees off has never worked for me…

  • Location, location, location.

  • Yeah, that looks like a LOT of house for the money.

  • Unfortunately Spring ISD and the decline of that part of FM 1960 is a big turnoff in that area. North of the creek it would be $50K more, and north of the creek west of Stuebner Airline in “Champions proper” it would be $100K – $125K more. Crazy how that happens in Houston. Great looking house though.

  • Aw sh!%. Before my Glenbrook heyday I lived DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from this house and I didn’t get the guess. That is a special brand of suck.

  • Now now, Robert, don’t be so hard on yourself!

  • One other odd tidbit on this house. Jimmy Carter was once an overnight guest there.