Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Front Door on the Side

Neighborhood Guessing Game 7: Den

This week’s puzzle prompted some terrific efforts again from our photo-detective readers. With four votes each, Timbergrove and Oak Forest were the most popular guesses. Next came Garden Oaks (with 3 votes), followed by Tanglewood, Meyerland, Willow Meadows, Willowbend, Knollwood Village, and Shepherd Forest, with 2 votes each. Other guesses were Bellaire, Norhill, Timberside, “Mandell/Montrose on Banks or Milford,” Highland Village, Mangum Manor, Lazybrook, Sharpstown, Stella Link/Med Center area, Woodside, Woodshire, Ayrshire, Braes Heights, Afton Oaks, Piney Point, Hedwig Village, Bunker Hill Village, and Briargrove.

This week’s winner is Starkeshia, a guessing-game regular who was the first to name . . . Oak Forest!

The house looks like nearly a total redo, but there also appear to be some original features left such as the front windows, and the front door, hardwoods everywhere, sliding closet doors…I’d say this is a mid century home. Looks too small to be in Meyerland or Bellaire, however.

Our honorable mention goes to margo, for identifying an entertaining but perhaps not especially useful clue: there appear to be burglar bars on the bathroom windows!

Karen also had some comments that helped build the Oak Forest-area consensus:

I see aluminum windows and molding that say early 50s. Small kitchen w/o breakfast area says small house. Ceilings are too low for a bungalow. Wood floors are all new, so could be an Alison redo, but the kitchen base cabinets look original to me, so odds are there was no flood here, just a nice updating job.

Stay with us for the scoop!


1344 Althea Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

Location: 1344 Althea Dr., Oak Forest
Details: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath; 1,015 sq. ft. on a 7,200-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $229,000
The Scoop: Small, early postwar ranch built in 1947. New stainless-steel appliances, granite countertops, under-cabinet lighting, and tile flooring in Kitchen. Extensively landscaped back yard has pool and cabana for TV viewing. On the market for just over a month.

Garage, 1344 Althea Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

Pool, 1344 Althea Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

Pool, 1344 Althea Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

Pool, 1344 Althea Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

Cabana, 1344 Althea Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

Neighborhood Guessing Game 7: Den and Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 7: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 7: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 7: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 7: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 7: Bath

Ready for a rematch? You’ll get one . . . next week!

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  • Should I give up? I’m really awful at this game.

  • Please don’t give up!!

  • I’m rotten at these. River Oaks seems to be my only sweet spot, since I was going to guess Spring Branch. Glad I didn’t. :)

    Or…I could have gone ahead and done it to throw people off… Grr. Decisions, decisions.

  • OH Gus, I”m just kidding!!! I’m just SUCH a sore loser! I”m betting we all are sore losers here. Why else would we be playing but to WIN that fabulous prize money! Oh, it’s too funny. Don’t worry, I’ll keep playing – I mean who else checked on this site Thursday 500 times waiting for you to proclaim me the winner!!!! But seriously – I knew I was wrong because of that bay window. I hadn’t seen that type of bay window before, I’m not very familiar with Oak Forest so that’s why I didn’t recognize it. ok, hurry up Tuesday!