Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Lake Escape

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Built-in Shelving

Is there a limit to the kinds of neighborhoods that work in this game? Again, we had great guesses — and a winner — but some readers expressed frustration that the home we pictured might have been . . . anywhere.

That kinda comes with our territory, doesn’t it?

Here’s where y’all guessed the house was: Katy (2 votes), Pearland, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Spring, The Woodlands, Hyde Park, Camp Logan, Galleria “west of Chimney Rock”(!), the West End, Rice Military, First Colony, and Bellaire.

This week’s winner is HoustonAreaGuy, whose scattershot list of possible locations managed to include . . . Pearland! He also got a few details right (well . . . close enough):

I’m guessing it’s $400k or more (MAYBE $300k+, but I doubt it), easily over 3,000 s.f. and built in the last 4 years.

It’s his second win!

The actual subdivision of the home is The Lakes of Highland Glen. And the house is next to one of those lakes! Could anyone have guessed that subdivision? What do you say, Pearland readers?

The honorable mention this week goes to the eagle-eyed ERMnot for this comment:

I don’t know who to trust anymore. Are HAG and Joni trying to throw me off the scent? Can any of my fellow game players even trust me for that matter? I haven’t a clue as to where it is although Katy would be my guess.

. . . but for some sharp observations that helped pin down an evasive Master Bedroom:

I do believe this home is more of your basic burbs house but it does have some interesting appointments, slate tiles, granite counters, a butler’s pantry, your basic Evita balcony, Grecian type columns, etc. The small LR and DR say 90s although I can’t say I can give up on this century just yet. I do think, though, the master is on the first floor because if you look at the great room pic you see a door and two small pictures on a wall. The same two pictures show up in the master shot. So, that would suggest to me a single family home and not a townhouse since you don’t find too many first floor masters in those.

After the jump: Escape . . . to the Lakes!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: 3301 Barberry Ct., The Lakes of Highland Glen, Pearland

Location: 3301 Barberry Ct., The Lakes at Highland Glen, Pearland
Details: 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths; 3,993 sq. ft. on a 11,644-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $429,500
The Scoop: Five-year-old home on cul-de-sac with brick and stone exterior, sidled up to a manmade lake and surrounded by “$25,000 landscape package.” Open plan with two bedrooms downstairs, including Master with attached sitting room. 4 sets of built-in bookshelves; Game Room with vaulted ceiling upstairs. On the market for little over a month; price cut $11.5K last Sunday, then $8K more the next day.

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Lake View from 3301 Barberry Ct., The Lakes of Highland Glen, Pearland

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: View of Pool at 3301 Barberry Ct., The Lakes of Highland Glen, Pearland

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Stairs

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Formal Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Family Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Balcony

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Breakfast Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Game Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Master Bath

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Master Bath

Next week: New round. New neighborhood. New Chance. Try it! 

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  • ok, I lose again! drats! AND don’t give me ANY credit for pointing out the frameless shower door – that was a great clue!!! hmmmph!

    Bring on Tuesday!!!!

  • Woo hoo!!! Honorable Mention…I haven’t done that since my 7th grade science project which…if the truth be known, my dad did. Okay so what is the difference between Katy and Pearland, hurricane evacuation routes??? Alright GA, I am so pumped for next Tuesday. Bring it on!!!

  • Showoff!!!! :)
    Don’t get too full of yourself, I AM winning next week!!!

  • Lost again boo hoo! And to this inner-looper, everything between 59 and San Felipe outside the loop is “galleria.” Unless it’s china-town. ;-)

  • Darn! At least I got the price range right. Oh well, maybe next time.

  • That was terribly, awfully difficult. I didn’t even give it a shot, which is good considering that I was thinking Cinco Ranch, late 1990s. Good Lord, was I off or what?

    Can’t wait for next week’s puzzler!!!