Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Padauk Show

Who won that $345 Made-to-Measure dress shirt from Hamilton Shirts?

This week’s game featured a whole big bunch of Memorial-ish guesses: 3 for Piney Point Village, 2 for Spring Valley, 2 for Bunker Hill Village, 2 for Hunter’s Creek Village, 2 for Memorial and Voss, and 2 for “Memorial just outside the Loop”; plus Hilshire Village, “near the Houston Country Club south of Woodway,” “the Memorial Villages west of Voss in the neighborhoods along Memorial before it joins with San Felipe,” “Memorialish, just inside the beltway,” and off Chimney Rock near Winsome. Then: 4 for Tanglewood, 2 for Briargrove, and 2 for Royden Oaks; and on with Meyerland, Timbergrove Manor, Spring Branch, Oak Estates, Afton Oaks, Riedel Estates, River Oaks just west of River Oaks Boulevard, River Oaks north of San Felipe, Clear Lake, “the area straddling Sage north of Woodway (Pine Shadows?),” “West of Tanglewood, bordered by Yorktown, Sage, San Felipe, and Westheimer,” “San Felipe corridor just inside the Loop,” Braes Heights, Old Braeswood, Walnut Bend, Yorkshire, “near the HCC, north of Woodway, between Shadywood and Brown Saddle,” and West University.

What size are you, David W? You might want to be locating 5700 Richmond on a map, because you’ll be heading to the Hamilton Shirts flagship store there soon to spend your gift certificate for a Made-to-Measure shirt!

Here’s David W’s winning entry:

Wow – this poor house has been remodeled to death. The blue bathroom looks original and places this as 50’s construction. Love the chrome gadget over the sink for toothbrushes and such. The bedroom just above is an addition, the other bathroom with the double sinks is either an addition or has been redone. The blue bedroom may be original but that master bath must be new, too. The office with the brown walls is clearly an add-on as well. Hard to tell how this place is laid out – that one huge family room/dining room/kitchen is so long and the house goes on beyond it. The lot must be pretty big. I would guess Tanglewood but it seems like it was originally a fairly small house. Based on the money they must have spent I think it must be inside the loop – Royden Oaks or Oak Estates. Yep, that’s it.

Congratulations! Next, BenC gets an honorable mention for this guess:

Originally built in the 50’s (blue bath), it has been extensively remodeled, and walls removed. Those wrapped collar ties indicate that the ceiling was lifted, so it is probably a 1 story. Lots of money spent on the remodel means the neighborhood can support it. Maybe too old for Tanglewood, I’m guessing memorial corridor just outside the loop, or san felipe corridor just inside inside the loop

Also in the neighborhood, at the last minute: Aaa, with that “wannabe River Oaks” guess!

We had no fewer than 3 secret agents this week! Special commendations go to ABP, Dana, and Jen, for emailing Swamplot the actual listings, then helping to throw other players off the track with fake guesses — like this one from Dana:

With the secluded feeling and mature landscaping that can be seen through the windows, this certainly has the feel of the Piney Point area as someone has already suggested, but I also feel a Bunker Hill vibe with the extensive (and expensive) remodel. The leather sofa and desk combination area suggests that this room is being used as a home office…… attorney or realtor? Looking at the furnishings and colors used, this is certainly a household with an active interest in the local arts in Houston.

. . . and this from Jen:

Let’s see, big rooms, tons of mature trees, somebody spent some cash to “update.” I’m saying Tanglewood. Plenty of ranch houses left there that have been updated.

What’s the real story?


Location: 4015 Meadow Lake Ln., Oak Estates
Details: 5 bedrooms, 4 baths; 3,790 sq. ft. on a 13,210-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $1,150,000
The Scoop: 1950 brick Ranch just south of San Felipe, extensively remodeled in 1996. Raised ceilings in Family Room, Kitchen, and Dining Area, with hand-milled maple and padauk collar ties, Solatube skylights, and slate floors. Office add-on in back has bamboo floors, view to pool. On the market since last November; price cut $125K earlier this month.

Awwww . . . you know you’re gonna want to play again next Tuesday!